Submission Guidelines

We only respond to submissions we’re interested in.  Games should not be offensive to any gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body type, age group, nor to people with different cognitive or physical abilities; nor to those with with different marital or cohabitation preferences.  Do not submit games which present pedophilia or abusive relationships in a positive light.

Do not send submissions to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, or other social media pages. We will only consider submissions that follow these guidelines.


If you are both the writer and artist, or writer/artist/programmer on a dating sim and would like to partner with us we sometimes offer net royalty-share opportunities with up to 50% for the the creator.

To submit, make sure your work fits into one of the genres on the bottom of this page and send a query introducing yourself and listing your past works and any credentials.  Give us a brief description of your project with a beginning, middle, and end.  Provide links (not attachments) to multiple examples of your artwork.  Contact us through our contact page.


When we’re developing a new game we usually put out a call for the artists we need on this site and relevant forums.  It’s great for artists to answer a call we’ve put out, like this one, because our need is immediate and we know exactly what you’ll be working on if your submission is approved.

Artists are still welcome to submit when we don’t have a active call.  We’ll consider you for future projects.

Artists should submit by contacting us through our contact page.  Tell us what you’re interested in doing:  Line Art, Backgrounds, Logos, GUIs, Flats, Shade Coloring, or Graphic Design.  Provide links to samples of your work.

Please take a look at one of our calls for an idea of what we pay our artists.  We’re very strict about deadlines.


Right now we’re producing visual novels programmed in Ren’Py.  We have a lead programmer who is capable of handling all our games at this time.  If that changes in the future we’d love to have contact information from interested programmers ready.

Please introduce yourself and paste your resume into our contact form if you’re interested in programming for us.  We pay by the project with the payment determined by the word count.


We have a lead writer who is writing the concepts put out by Y Press Games.  If you would like to be a writer for us you should submit your own concept for consideration.  You do not need to be a programmer to submit a concept to us.

We’re accepting submissions for yaoi, bara, and otome games.  We want to put out extremely original games.  Your concept should not be the typical subject matter seen in most visual novels.  No high school settings.  No average main characters.

We want first of their kind games with a built in audience.  For example, Dream Daddy was one of the first of it’s kind bear dating sim for western audiences.  It had a built in audience of gay men and yaoi fans.

Writers are paid either a flat amount for the entire game script, or a percentage of the sales, possibly with an advance.  We negotiate with writers on a case by case basis.

Please don’t contact us with questions prior to submitting unless you have an established fan base of more than 10,000 readers, or an existing relationship with Y Press Games.  We will be happy to answer questions after we’ve taken an interest in your submission (not before).

To submit, make sure your work fits into one of the genres below and send a query introducing yourself and listing your past works and any credentials.  Give us a brief description of your project with a beginning, middle, and end.  Contact us through our contact page.

Genres are listed in order of preference –

We would like bara submissions from existing fans of the genre.  If you are not familiar with Barazoku magazine from Japan, you should at least be a fan of the western variants of bara which include the work of Patrick Fillion and Tom of Finland.  The demographic for these games are gay men.

Bara games can be x-rated or sweet and funny without graphic sex.  There are very few western bara games at present and an enormous demand.  The fan base is open to all well-executed, respectful, and enjoyable games.

Yaoi games must have extremely strong premises propped up by exceptional art teams.  There is an enormous amount of material for western yaoi fans to consume.  For a game to sell well it needs to contain an irresistible premise, and something that generates buzz in the community.

We are extremely selective with yaoi games and do not plan to make more than one a year.

Yaoi games can be x-rated, mature audiences, or without sex scenes.  Do not submit shota-con.  The demographic for these games are women.

Otome games have a female main character with multiple male characters she can pick for romance.  There is an enormous demand for otomes, with a small amount of available western or translated games.  We feel this is a genre with great potential, but premises must be unique and extremely romantic.

We do not want ANY games with high school or college settings.  We do not want modern day career settings unless there is a high concept idea integral to the story, e.g. the company she works for imports dragons or she’s secretly Death or her boss is a demon.  Don’t submit vanilla concepts.  Blow us away.

We do not publish x-rated otome games.  Games should be rated teen or below without graphic sex or suggestive scenes.  The demographic for otomes are young women.