Submission Guidelines

We only respond to submissions we’re interested in.  Games should not be offensive to any gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body type, age group, nor to people with different cognitive or physical abilities; nor to those with with different marital or cohabitation preferences.  Do not submit games which present pedophilia or abuse in a positive light.

Do not send submissions to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, or other social media pages. We will only consider submissions that follow these guidelines.


If you are both the writer and artist, or writer/artist/programmer on a dating sim and would like to partner with us we sometimes offer net royalty-share opportunities with 50% for the creator.

Yaoi games make from $8,000 to $26,000 in the first year depending on the project.  A bara game can make in one month what a yaoi will make in a year.

To submit, make sure your work fits into one of the genres on the bottom of this page and send a query introducing yourself and listing your past works and any credentials.  Give us a brief description of your project with a beginning, middle, and end.  Provide links (not attachments) to multiple examples of your artwork.  Contact us through our contact page.


We are always in need of bara-style artists.  We seek to maintain long-term contracts with talented bara artists.

Artists should submit by contacting us through our contact page.  Tell us what you’re interested in doing:  Line Art, Backgrounds, Logos, GUIs, Flats, Shade Coloring, or Graphic Design.  Provide links to samples of your work.

We are very strict about deadlines.

Artists can expect to make these rates with our company, including occasional bonuses for consistently meeting deadlines.  These rates should not be considered the industry standard for smaller indie visual novel publishers.  We are an established medium-sized company with the ability to pay a premium for quality work and loyal artists.  Amounts are listed in USD.

$100 Clean, Inked Line Art With 1 or 2 Characters
$125 Clean, Inked Line Art with 3 prominent Characters
$150 Clean, Inked Line Art with 4 or More prominent Characters

$50 Large Variation to Line art (e.g. another version of the image with a character in a different position, new character added, or other large change, not edits to sketch art)
$30 Medium Variation to Line art (e.g. head turned, hair + clothes
blown, arm + eyes moved, or other medium change)
$10-$5 Small Variation to Line art (e.g. expression change,
something/one removed from image, eyes closed, or other small change)

$10 Image color flats

$25 Cell shading for 1-2 Characters
$35 Cell shading for 3 Characters
$45 Cell shading for 4 or more Characters
+ $15 for background cell shading when an existing game background can’t be used.

$40 Main Sprite Line Art from middle of the thigh up
$25 Sprite Expression and Pose Change Line Art
$10 Sprite Expression Change Line Art

$20 For Main Sprite Coloring
$10 For Sprite Expression and Pose Change Coloring
$5 For Sprite Expression Change Coloring

$120 Complete Background, Lines, Inks, Flat Colors, Shading

$1,500 90 Second Game Trailer for YouTube
$2,000 120 Second Game Trailer

GUI etc.
$100 GUI
$75 Game Logo (I must see examples)
$150 Steam Graphics Package and Assorted Elements


Right now we’re producing visual novels programmed in Ren’Py.  We currently have three programmers working for us at this time and are not looking for additional help.


If you would like to be a writer for us you should submit your own concept for consideration.  You do not need to be a programmer to submit a concept to us.

It is unlikely we’ll accept a yaoi submission from a writer who is not already working with an artist.  We’re more open to submissions for bara games.

We want to put out extremely original games.  Your concept should not be the typical subject matter seen in most visual novels.  No high school settings.  No average main characters.

We want first of their kind games with a built in audience.  For example, Dream Daddy was one of the first of it’s kind bear dating sim for western audiences.  It had a built in audience of gay men and yaoi fans.

Writers are paid either a flat amount for the entire game script, or a percentage of the sales, possibly with an advance.  We negotiate with writers on a case by case basis.

Please don’t contact us with questions prior to submitting unless you have an established fan base of more than 10,000 readers, or an existing relationship with Y Press Games.  We will be happy to answer questions after we’ve taken an interest in your submission (not before).

We expect writers to have a substantial resume of published works (games or fiction) prior to submitting to us.  It is imperative you include a resume of prior publications/works with your submission if you wish us to give it serious consideration.

To submit, make sure your work fits into one of the genres below and send a query introducing yourself and listing your past works and any credentials.  Give us a brief description of your project with a beginning, middle, and end.  Contact us through our contact page.

Genres are listed in order of preference –

Bara and Masculine Gay Games for Men
Bara is our #1 genre.  We need more bara submissions.  We are eager to work with bara artists and offer favorable terms.  We are in need of more bara artists.  Bara writer/artist teams can make around $50,000 in the first year of a game launch with us.  This has become a lucrative full-time career for another talented team.  We will show proof of past game earnings in negotiations with talented bara writer/artist teams.

We would like bara submissions from existing fans of the genre.  If you are not familiar with Barazoku magazine from Japan, you should at least be a fan of the western variants of bara which include the work of Patrick Fillion and Tom of Finland.  The demographic for these games are gay men.

Bara games can be x-rated or sweet and funny without graphic sex.  There are very few western bara games at present and an enormous demand.  The fan base is open to all well-executed, respectful, and enjoyable games.

Yaoi – Open to Writer/Artist Royalty Share Submissions only
Yaoi games must have extremely strong premises propped up by exceptional art teams.  There is an enormous amount of material for western yaoi fans to consume.  For a game to sell well it needs to contain an irresistible premise, and something that generates buzz in the community.

We are extremely selective with yaoi games and do not plan to make more than two a year.  Two are already scheduled for 2021.

Yaoi games can be x-rated, mature audiences, or without sex scenes.  The demographic for these games are women.

Do not submit shota-con or anything that even vaguely looks like that if you squint at it.  Rape should not be presented as sex scenes that are meant to titillate, in a positive light, or as the basis for or start of a relationship.   Unhealthy realtionships should not be presented in a positive light.  Both partners must have agency in relationships, and the ability to leave.  No one under 18, even ancillary characters, may be present in X-Rated games.