To Trust an Incubus is Live!


We.  Are.  Live.

It’s here, people.  At LONG LAST — To Trust an Incubus is Live!

Kickstarter main

Have you played the demo yet?  This is ADULTS ONLY and NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!  This demo gives you four routes of incredible, SEXY game play for free!  There is graphic content, so wait until you get home from work to play it.

Play the Demo Here!

Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adult dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi.

We need more sexy bara games! Why are there so few?!  And why aren’t there more for adults-only?  Our goal is to create several barazoku inspired games a year, all for adults only.

To Trust an Incubus has four routes and twenty-four endings based on a stats system.  Will the incubi stay in our world?  Will Kenta get a permanent job?  Make the right choices to get the happily-ever-after for everyone endings, or the wrong ones to get some effed-up endings.

Multiple ships sail, meaning there is a hot and heavy love story between Kenta and the incubus he picks, but other characters are ‘mingling’ around them also:  Incubus/Incubus!  Professor/Incubus!  Arata/Incubus!  Professor/Arata!

Each incubus has a back story that makes them hate, love, or need the other incubi in the quarantine.  Unlock every thread and achieve numerous incubus couplings including enemies to lovers and hurt/comfort pairings.

This is a 150,000 word game by master male/male author Yamila Abraham, the writer of UnPrison, Winter Demon, and Yaoi Hentai. Abraham creates complex and emotional narratives without skimping on the raunch.

Prominent graphic novel artists Studio Kosen are experts at sexy muscular men who appeal to both bara and yaoi fans. The two Spaniard studio are former Expo Manga winners.

To Trust an Incubus will have an original sound track of 19 songs and over 200 computer graphics to illustrate every spicy scene. If stretch goals are met there will be a dense body hair toggle, animated scenes, threesomes, after story scenes, all characters becoming versatile (tops or bottoms) and full voice acting!

To Trust an Incubus is the story of Kenta, your average temp worker, who gets a job in a lab that’s holding four muscly incubi in quarantine.  They came through Professor Raiden’s interdimensional portal like several other beings who visited before them.

The problem is that past interdimensional visitors have warned Professor Raiden about incubi that look just like these ones.  They might be ravagers scouting Earth to plunder it.

The top linguist who works for the lab can barely communicate with the incubi.  He’s figured out the incubi need to bond with someone in order to learn their language.

Will Kenta be the one to ‘bond’ with one of the incubi?  And if so will he be able to figure out if they’re the evil ravagers or some other benign race?

We can only make To Trust an Incubus if the Kickstarter is Funded!

This is not a flexible funding campaign the way My Magical Demon Lover was.  Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING.  We need your support or we will NOT make this game!  We are a new company, and the ONLY way we can make a game as huge as To Trust an Incubus is if you support our Kickstarter.  This project will have to be abandoned if we don’t get funding.

That is no exaggeration.  We have chopped the budget down to the least amount of money possible in order to still make this game.  We must make our goal of $20,000 or there is no game!

Please, if you like the trailer and the demo, support our Kickstarter with whatever amount you can afford, or help us to promote it by reblogging this post!

If you can help us by getting one of the larger goals it would be tremendous!  We have dozens of AWESOME PERKS for backers!

Only 10 Days Left to Support To Trust an Incubus!

Thanks to all the backers who’ve helped make this project a reality.  For everyone else–time is running out!  Please back us today before it’s too late!

We’ve met these stretch goals!

We still have a chance to make these stretch goals!

  • All Characters Versatile!  Would you like to see Vald bottom or Saji top?  This is the stretch goal that makes it happen!  We’re only $3000 from this awesome achievement!
  • Someone Gets a Sexy Spanking!  Okay–the someone is Arata and the person giving the consensual spanking is Vald.  Wouldn’t you love to see that?!  Let’s hit this goal!
  • Full Voice Acting!  We might just hit this goal in the time left!  Get full voices for every scene!

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!

We got 300+ followers on our Facebook, which got our Harsi Chibi half naked!

We got 200 Followers to our Twitter and 100 Retweets of This Tweet, which made Chibi Vald strip all the way!  Behold his GARGANTUAN chibi peen!!

We got 200 followers on our Tumblr which made Saji strip half-way!!

We only need 38 more followers to our Instagram and Chibi Devi will strip all the way!! Let’s get this last goal before we’re done.

He wants to be naked so bad!
He wants to be naked so bad!

We’ve had an incredible campaign, but it’s not over!  Let’s push to hit all these final goals!  And Support our Kickstarter Here!

Youtubers Show Their Love!

Hi Everyone!

As part of our promotional efforts we’ve emailed a lot of YouTubers hoping they’d produce videos based on our humble demo.  To our shock and delight–many have done just that!  (This is for our Kickstarter here: )

Here are some lovely videos of the demo.  These videos really help out the campaign.  I hope you’ll like, comment, or subscribe (but like at the very least) to help the algorithm and get these videos seen by more people!

Fresh Today!

This YouTuber has gotten over 1,000 views in less than 24 hours.  He only did the first part of the demo, so give him some love so he’ll actually get to the sexy-times!  He’s very funny and does good voices too!  Thanks AwesomePerfection1!  Leave him a like or comment here:

We love MeowieCakes because of the way she censors!  It’s worth watching just for the shocked penis cats.  She also meows when she doesn’t want to read sexy-stuff.  PURE GOLD!!  Leave her some love here:

ArcadeStarJosten wins the uke-voice contest!  He also has a great way of censoring and tends to scream when he sees luscious man-bodies.  Make sure you give him lots of love here:  (We love his video intro too!!)

Fudanshi Life censors with screaming anime characters!!  It’s a hoot.  He was the first to make a video for TTAI so he gets mad props for that!  Show your love here:

Did we miss any?  Give us links in the comments!  This is a FANTASTIC thing for YouTubers to do for our campaign.  It takes a lot of time and effort and they get paid in views–so watch!!

Wanna Be an NPC?

We haven’t sold any of these VIP perks, and that’s okay. We made it to goal without needing them. But still…so much potential is being overlooked.

Not only do you get to give input on your character’s image and lines in the game, not only do you get autographed art of your character, not only do you get all the Cuddly Incubus rewards, you can also do the voice of your character in the game if you want! There’s so many awesome NPCs to be as!  Here’s a few ideas (but not all):

• The Nosy Reporter! Be that reporter who ticked off Chiyoko. Do you sneak into the quarantine to stick a mic in Vald’s face, or do you pretend you’re Kenta showing up for the temp job outside the institute? Or do you just show up on a TV screen somewhere to blather conspiracy theories about the incubi?

• The Linguist! You know, that linguist knew what the incubi needed but they wouldn’t to tell the Professor. Are they a total prude, or were they trying to save an incubus for themself? We could put their sprite on a computer terminal so they can have a talk with an incubus.

• A Protestor! You’re outside the institute with a big sign! What does it say? Is it ‘Share The Aliens With the Rest of Us’ or ‘There’s No Such Thing as Aliens – Prove Me Wrong!’

• A Cartoon Character! The incubi have computers in their rooms. They watch stuff on it that frankly messes with their heads! Will you be that creepy pasta YouTube monster that effs Harsi up? Or will you be Madam Puffalump from the Land o’ Lollipops to make Devi cheer with glee!

• A Fluffball! A fluffball pops through the interdimentional portal while Raiden’s working on it. Why is this fluffball here? What does it have to say? Is it trying to be the obligatory cute anime character? Is he there to cheer Kenta up? Is this Vald’s pet fluffball looking for him? Or is it something Raiden will toss back in the portal immediately because the damn things multiply tribble-style?

• A Hallucination! The incubi are messing with certain characters, but who knows how humans respond to incubi powers. They may end up seeing something strange, like a giant talking wang, or a furry version of one of the incubi. Like, seriously, this is fairly wide open. It’s a great chance to be a naked character.

• A Half-Human Half-Inch Worm! Because Raiden is using the privacy of the quarantine to work on some seriously gnarly projects, ‘yo—or it may be one of the Olimites, the visitor from the other dimension who warned of the incubi coming! When you go to talk to him and he stuffs the suspicious looking thing in his pocket you’re kind of annoyed. Like…it’s talking and stuff.

• Kenta’s Inspirational Anime Character in a Locket! It can’t be anything copywritten unless it’s a pretty obvious parody, like Yuri with Lice or something. Kenta opens the locket to get motivation when he’s down, and Locket Character always has something awesome to say!

• Something else! Seriously, if you’re thinking about this perk just pitch me your idea and I’ll tell you how we can work it in. If you’re not a backer yet, then reach me through Facebook!

Back our Kickstarter at the NPC Tier and get you some! 

Please Help Thunderclap us!

Hi everyone!

We’re at the hump of the Kickstarter bell curve right now.  Things have slowed down drastically, as they always do in the middle of a campaign.  This is understandable, but still not great when we have so many stretch goals to uncover.

One way to get back on track is for you to take part in our Thunderclap.  Many of you have already signed up to clap us.  Thank you so much!!  If you haven’t signed up, I hope you’ll consider helping out.

Thunderclap is an app that gets people to agree to tweet, post on Facebook, post on a Facebook Page, or post on Tumblr about our campaign.  We’ve been taking sign-ups for weeks and on March 20th a huge clap will go out all at once, telling people about the Kickstarter.

Please go to this link:

Then click the buttons to promote us on your Facebooks, Twitter, and Tumblrs.  Please do every Facebook Page, Facebook account, Twitter, and Tumblr that you can!

When you do, this message and this image will appear on your accounts, helping to promote us!

“To Trust an Incubus – a Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel! Play the demo and support our Kickstarter. 18+ Sci-Fi Gay PC Game!!!”

We put a shirt on Vald to make sure the censors don't accidentally block us
We put a shirt on Vald to make sure the censors don’t accidentally block us

Of course, don’t participate if posting about an adult gay game will cause trouble for you!  But if you’re free to post whatever you want, we’d really appreciate your support–and that’s to everyone who signed up to support us already!!

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