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Upcoming: To Trust an Incubus

Fresh Baked Cookies

To Trust an Incubus is an upcoming yaoi/bara visual-novel created by Yamila Abraham of Y Press Games. It has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter, even though there are still 40+ days to go. I knew it, though. So, the set-up is that you play as Kenta, a young man who is just starting to work at a scientific research facility run by a Prof. Raiden. There – while in a quarantine – he’s meant to care for 4 “aliens”, who, apparently, are incubi. They are Devi, Harsi, Saji and Vald. According to the game’s page, not only can Kenta “date” them, but it seems it might be possible for there to be some action between the side characters and the incubi and among the aliens themselves. I’m not really a fan of such a mechanic, but whaddaya gonna do. I mean, I don’t…

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Those Yummy Creators at Yaoi Press Have Another Awesome Project!

Thanks Yaoi Playground!!

Yaoi Playground

We need your support to make this game. Please become a backer on our Kickstarter or help spread the word! PLAY THE GAME DEMO HERE! Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adults only dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi. We need more sexy […]

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This is one game I really wish I could play the demo for, but since I am using my mum’s laptop I am going to have to hold back on this one. But everything I have seen from the preview video to the artwork for this project looks even yummier than My Magical Demon Lover . I have made it no  secret that Mistress is a big fan of those delectable Bara men and for my fellow yaoi fans who love bara…

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To Trust an Incubus Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel

We need your support to make this game. Please become a backer on our Kickstarter or help spread the word!



Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adults only dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi.


We need more sexy bara games!

Why are there so few?!  And why aren’t there more for adults only?  Our goal is to create several barazoku inspired games a year, all for adults only.




Check out our Kickstater:

To Trust an Incubus is the story of Kenta, your average temp worker, who gets a job in a lab that’s holding four muscly incubi in quarantine.  They came through Professor Raiden’s interdimensional portal like several other beings who visited before them.


The problem is that past interdimensional visitors have warned Professor Raiden about incubi that look just like these ones.  They might be ravagers scouting Earth to plunder it.

The top linguist who works for the lab can barely communicate with the incubi.  He’s figured out the incubi need to bond with someone in order to learn their language.

Will Kenta be the one to ‘bond’ with one of the incubi?  And if so will he be able to figure out if they’re the evil ravagers or some other benign race?

Kickstarter main

To Trust an Incubus has four routes and twenty-four endings based on a stats system.  Will the incubi stay in our world?  Will Kenta get a permanent job?  Make the right choices to get the happily-ever-after for everyone endings, or the wrong ones to get some effed-up endings.

Multiple ships sail, meaning there is a hot and heavy love story between Kenta and the incubus he picks, but other characters are ‘mingling’ around them also:  Incubus/Incubus!  Professor/Incubus!  Arata/Incubus!  Professor/Arata!

Each incubus has a back story that makes them hate, love, or need the other incubi in the quarantine.  Unlock every thread and achieve numerous incubus couplings including enemies to lovers and hurt/comfort pairings.


This is a 150,000 word game by master male/male author Yamila Abraham, the writer of UnPrison, Winter Demon, and Yaoi Hentai. Abraham creates complex and emotional narratives without skimping on the raunch.

Prominent graphic novel artists Studio Kosen are experts at sexy muscular men who appeal to both bara and yaoi fans. The two Spaniard studio are former Expo Manga winners.

Bara mega-fan Steven Nunez consulted on the game, giving a gay man’s perspective throughout.  With his professional sound studio he will be casting and producing the voice acting.  Partial voice acting is guaranteed for To Trust an Incubus.  Full voice acting is a stretch goal.


To Trust an Incubus will have an original sound track of 19 songs and over 200 computer graphics to illustrate every spicy scene.  This doesn’t include variations of base scenes, so the CGs in the demo only count as 30 images toward this number.

If stretch goals are met there will be a dense body hair toggle, animated scenes, threesomes, after story scenes, all characters becoming versatile (tops or bottoms), mini-games, spanking, and full voice acting!


Play the demo and support our Kickstarter!

Become the Magic King of the Damned in My Magical Demon Lover ~ Demo Review

A lovely review of our My Magical Demon Lover demo!!

Two Happy Cats

One beautiful morning in a small village, a young bartender named Tristan is engaging in a little bit of…self love, if you get what I mean. He’s rudely interrupted by a flying letter that smashes through his window. The annoyance doesn’t last long as Tristan realises the letter is from his great grandfather, Percival, who is also the village’s protector. Tristan has always dreamed of his great grandfather teaching him magic, but when he arrives at the GG’s home, he realises magic lessons aren’t quite what they showed in Harry Potter films.

My Magical Demon Lover Percival Yaoi Press Games Demo.jpg

Instead, GG Percival informs out sweet hero that magic comes from bonding with a demon partner. Very…intimate bonding. We’re introduced to our three demons – Harse, Karn and Soren who range in their desires. The demo only takes 20 minutes to play through but Yaoi Press Games has been VERY generous in the amount of sexy time they’ve…

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