UnFinished Business

Alpha Hole Prison: Unfinished Business is Available on Steam and Itch now for $10.99

Viz-Goth and Reaver have unfinished business. When Miguel is released, leaving his lover Viz-Goth behind, he asks Reaver to watch over him. Reaver wants nothing to do with his former tormenter, but if it wasn’t for Miguel, Viz-Goth still wouldn’t have a conscience. Reaver grudgingly agrees. 

 After the decades of torture Viz-Goth inflicted on Reaver, he has no right to ask for forgiveness. The love Viz-Goth feels for Reaver torments him, especially since he knows it will never be returned. 

 Or could it? 

This DLC wraps up the unfinished business between Viz-Goth and Reaver after Miguel’s release in the Viz-Goth route of the main game. Can Viz-Goth and Reaver ever reconcile? What would it take for forgiveness and even love to develop between them? Or, perhaps Viz-Goth is better off staying with the friend whom he never hurt: Xenoskar. 

 Focus on life in Alpha Hole after Miguel’s release. There’s unfinished business resolved between Viz-Goth and Reaver, Rexillator and Reaver, Rexillator and Viz-Goth, Viz-Goth and Xenoskar, Rin-Timber and his Goddess, and Reaver and Deloment. Your choices will decide the fate of our protagonists. 

  • As Long as a Typical Route in Alpha Hole Prison 
  •  Nine Possible Endings 
  •  11 New CGs, Several Animated 
  •  Three New Characters Introduced 
  •  Five New Songs 
  •  Several New Sprites of the Main Characters 
  •  Several New Backgrounds of the Prison 

Go to ‘Bonus Content’ from the main menu to access this DLC. 

Press ‘v’ on your keyboard to have all text read aloud. 

Press ‘h’ to turn off the dialogue box temporarily. 

Ending List:
[1] A Spill in the Factory
[2] No More Bad Memories
[3] Slate Wiped Clean
[4] And Xenoskar Makes Three
[5] Honeymoon
[6] Happily Ever After Again
[7] Whoopsie
[8] Delomite!
[9] Reavillator