Streaming Guidelines

We love it when YouTubers or game streamers feature our games.  Remember to follow the rules of the platform you post to, as many of our games contain adult content.  We do not make appeals on behalf of others if your video is removed.

Here are our official guidelines if you’d like to have a public video containing our game content:

  • All game play videos must have running commentary. Posting videos of game play only is not allowed.
  • All game play videos must include a link to where someone can purchase the game on Steam, or support an upcoming or ongoing crowdfunding campaign in the video description.

These are the only two rules we need you to follow for us to allow you to use our game content in a public video.  Below are some suggestions of what we prefer, but they are not mandatory.

  • Post multiple videos of game play staggered over time rather than the whole game in one video.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Leave something out, such as a route or thread, so that people are encouraged to buy the game themselves.  We really need these sales to stay in business.
    • Or, ideally, skip through the game, showing only certain features rather than filming continuous game play.  These videos really help us, and we’ve offered free Kickstarter rewards to YouTubers who’ve done this in the past.

Thanks everyone!  That’s all we have to say about this for now.