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Please don’t let our gorgeous otome game fail!  We need your help to make this game!


Thalia’s magical powers were a secret until one of the gods found out about them.  Now all four gods of Sendicry have taken an interest in her.

As the sole guardian of her little sister and the healer of her village, Thalia has enough on her plate.  She doesn’t have time to be fending off the the romantic overtures of four amorous gods. 

Helder is the god of virtue and Rhane is a fallen god who lives in her village.  Thalia knows those two won’t be trouble, but what about the Lord of the Underworld and the mischievous God of Love!?


Gods of Love – Half Way There!


Can it really be true?  The Gods of Love Kickstarter is more than half-way to goal!  That doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels!  It’s time to up the ante!!

popsocketWe’re adding a Gods of Love Pop Socket to the Key Chain tier!  That’s right!  Now you’ll not only get 4 adorable chibi key chains (just check those cuties out below) you’ll also get a super useful and beautiful Pop Socket!!! (Art not final).

Please take advantage of this cute stuff and help us get all the way to goal!  You know Y Press Games always delivers crowdfunding rewards on time so there’s no risk!  Support us here:

Play the Gods of Love Demo!


​Hey Everyone!

The Gods of Love demo is available now on our Kickstarter preview page!!  We’re super excited to share this with you!  Grab it now for PC, Linux, or Android!  The demo will also work on Mac unless you have the Catalina OS.

The Kickstarter is launching Monday, Nov 4th!  We seriously need your help to make this game!  It’s our first otome and it’s a big one!  We have the AMAZINGLY talented Dany&Dany creating this game.  Their artwork is gorgeous!

Make sure you don’t forget to support our Kickstarter by going HERE​ and clicking ‘Remind Me’.   We seriously appreciate your support!

Remember:  Y Press Games ALWAYS delivers crowd-funding rewards IN FULL and ON TIME!  It’s what we’re known for.  You can always trust us when you back our games.  All three of our previous games were delivered ON TIME! That’s for both the physical and digital rewards.  We will not let you down!


That’s why you should back our Kickstarter instead of waiting to buy the game on Itch or Steam.  By supporting us you’ll get your name in the credits for the same price you’d pay for just the game!  Plus–if we don’t make our Kickstarter goal we CAN’T MAKE THE GAME!  That would be terrible!

By supporting the Kickstarter not only do you get more for your money, you could help us hit some AMAZING stretch goals that will make the game better for everyone!  How about full voice acting?  Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Again, go to our Kickstarter and click “Remind Me” so you don’t forget to support us when we launch on Monday!…