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A New Kickstarter is Coming!!

Our new Kickstarter is coming – Orc Covenant, our new game about orcs! Doesn’t it sound exciting and pretty spicy? ūüėŹ Well, it’s not released to get rewards yet, but soon it will be!

Anyway, you can visit the link and follow us to let you know when it’s available. Click here to visit our Kickstarter!!

While the Kickstarter is Not Yet Active…

We’ve already talked about our Kickstarter coming soon, and in the meantime, meet the characters who will be a part of this peculiar journey! Are you ready to meet them?


Main character Xareth has one thing on his mind: sex with orcs! No…actually…it’s getting revenge! His father was violently usurped in the elf kingdom of Zellerwind, and he’s determined to take back his throne. If he could get the orcs to help him, he’d triumph for sure! But how to convince them?

Prince Galen can do anything, even broker peace between the elves and the orcs! Except he just gets knocked on his ass and captured when he tries. He’s presumed dead, but maybe one of the orcs decided to keep him around?


Kurdan doesn‚Äôt want to be the next chieftain of the orcs. He really isn‚Äôt smart enough and would rather collect crystals and herbs and stuff. His dear sweet grandma understands, but his father Dagroth wants him to be strong‚ÄĒtotally brutal! Oh well‚Ķhe does want father to be proud of him.

Dagroth’s elf mate abandoned him and his infant son, now he’s determined to make all elves suffer. They’re liars. They’re tricksters! He will conquer them and take over their mighty city! (But sex with a few on the way is fine. He’s not made of stone, y’know?)

As shaman to the orcs, he’s the voice of reason that tempers the violent chieftain Dagroth. He longs for the tribe to once again have a glorious city where they don’t have to live like hog-orcs in the woods. An elf bedwarmer would be the cherry on top!

Half orc and half elf, Yundril is the oldest son of the chieftain, but he can never be chieftain himself one day due to his elf blood. It’s not right! He’s more orc than any full-blooded orc here! He’ll rip apart anyone who says different!

You can chat with us on Discord! Come on, we don’t bite. ūüėČ

ManServant Kickstarter!

Changing the release date for ManServant has given us time to raise funds for additional content! Please help out if you can!

In Ancient Rome, demons rule and all mortals are slaves. Follow the ambitious slave Silvan as he schemes his way into the emperor’s court to accomplish his mission of becoming a demon. He’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goal–no matter the cost.

A sexy, kinky, NSFW, visual novel/manga hybrid!

Both handsome and cunning, Silvan believes he can charm anyone, but the royal demons are not the same as his country masters. He must win the love of one of them in order to achieve his dreams–no matter what it takes!

Go here to Play the Demo!

Be sure to read the trigger warnings first!


  • A Manga/Visual Novel Hybrid!
  • Featuring 18 Full Color CGs and 84 Black and White Manga Panels
  • A Darker and More Extreme NSFW Y Press Offering
  • Three Love Interests and Four Possible Routes
  • Includes a Polyamorous Route
  • A Haunting Original Soundtrack of 12 Songs
  • Over 150,000 Words of Story
  • 13 Possible Game Endings

Players can pursue Titan, Marius, Claudius, or both Titan and Marius–four full romantic routes! Over 150,000 words (15+ hours) and loaded with multi-panel manga pages as well as full-color images.



He’s been a slave to ugly and ignorant rural demons all his life. He knows he’s handsome and thinks he deserves better. Not knowing his place in the demonic empire is a sin that will haunt him.

Emperor Titan

The god Pluto made Titan the emperor of Rome due to his wisdom and strength, and he’s sat upon his throne for hundreds of years. His tacit gaze sees through any scheme Silvan might try with him.

Minister of War Marius

Marius’ dark and violent side is easily unleashed upon slaves who don’t know their place–or those foolish enough to try to manipulate him. He specializes in something called the ‘Ecstasy of Agony.’

Counselor Claudius

The once mortal counselor helps to balance out Marius’ cruelty with mercy in the royal court. He’s earned his place at the emperor’s side with his intelligence and reason. Though fearsome in looks, he seems compassionate.

Titan and Marius Both

There is more than a working relationship between the emperor and his minister of war. Could an adept slave manage to lower the boundaries between them, while winning both their hearts at the same time? Throuples are not unheard of in the empire.


Julian has been a comfort slave for the royal court for several years. He has the same ambition as Silvan: to gain his freedom by turning into a demon. He doesn’t appreciate that he now has a rival.


Though not a comfort slave, Aquila is afforded special privileges since she sometimes finds herself in a demon’s bed. She has no ambitions, and may warm up to Silvan in time.

Stretch Goal- Fifth Game Route – You Escape!

There’s only one stretch goal for ManServant and that’s an entire additional game route!  If this Kickstarter does amazingly well and we make $35,000, we will add another route and love interest after the initial game launch.

Silvan has escaped to Serica (China) where all human slaves have been freed!  He becomes the servant to a gorgeous demon lord who’s never been exposed to humans before, but is already enchanted by Silvan.

This time Silvan has a chance to explore things as a free man, and can fall in love with the whole of his heart!  Which is great, because this demon has lots of fun stuff he’d like to try with him…

This final route will add three months to the Kickstarter Deadline, for a guaranteed September 2023 release.  The four route game will be released before this, and the final route will be added for all players in a later update.


In addition to our usual rewards of:

  • Your Name in the Credits – $5
  • Above Plus a Key for the Game – $25
  • Above Plus the Art Book, Sound Track, and Strategy Guide – $50
  • Above Plus Beta Game Access – $100

You also get a chance to contribute your own sexy scenes to the game!  This is a big reason we’re running the Kickstarter.  To get bonus content from our creative supporters!

Manga Panel – $300

Get a single manga panel with up to two characters.  Characters can be demon or human.  They can be our characters, both your own characters, or one of ours and one of yours.  Maybe you’re a visiting dignitary who is given a “gift” for a night?

You will get a sketch that you can give edits to before the final art is done. Characters can be in a sexy scene if you want.  You can include dialogue, or have us write it for you.  

This must be in the Ancient Rome setting and is subject to our approval.  We go the extra mile to make backers happy!  We’ll work this into the game however we can, possibly as a dream sequence.

Four Panel Manga Page – $1,000

Same as the above, but you get to tell a single story over four manga panels.  They will all be the same size (above).  You can craft dialogue to go with your story, or let us do it for you.

Color CG and Four Panel Manga Page – $1,500

Same as the above, but you can show the climax of your story in glorious color!  Get a full-color CG of up to 2 characters to conclude the story in your four panel manga page.

Please go here to support us! This is also a great way for fans in Germany to get this game!

Stretch Goals to be Reached!

We happily reached our goal of $50,000! Dear Monster is about to happen thanks to all the Kickstarter supporters and it’s still over a month to go. BUT we still have our¬†stretch goals!

What do we have to achieve in Stretch goals?

  • A¬†new route¬†with our dear orc¬†Slagathor!
  • Extra scenes in a wonderful¬†threesome¬†between Allen, Faeryn and Imbriss.
  • We also have the option of full¬†voice acting!¬†Who doesn’t want to hear their favorite character speak?

You can visit our kickstarter here and also play the demo available on and Steam! Remember that your donation will give you exclusive benefits only for Kickstarter supporters!

Support the artist Jouvru on Twitter!

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We’re almost at $50,000!

We are only 45 days away from the end of Kickstarter and we are close to reaching the minimum goal!!¬†We thank everyone who has supported us so far, but we can’t rest until we get the¬†$50,000, so we’re counting on you!

You can visit our kickstarter here and also play the demo available on and Steam! Remember that your donation will give you exclusive benefits only for Kickstarter supporters!

Don’t forget our Stretch goals!

We also have stretch goals! They offer routes and¬†interesting¬†new options. Who doesn’t want to romance¬†Slagathor¬†while listening to his beautiful voice? ūüėČ

Support the artist Jouvru on Twitter!

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Support Dear Monster!

Our Kickstarter is active right now, and we are 65% funded! Dear Monster is one step away from becoming real thanks to you, but we still have a long way to go. You can help us reach the goal by clicking here.

Your help can earn you several rewards, including¬†bodypillows, pins, and even Kickstarter¬†exclusive items!¬†Don’t miss this opportunity and support our project!

Stretch Goals!!

We also have stretch goals! They offer routes and¬†interesting¬†new options. Who doesn’t want to romance¬†Slagathor¬†while listening to his beautiful voice? ūüėČ

Don’t forget to check out the Dear Monster demo available on¬†¬†and¬†Steam!¬†Also, visit and support artist Jouvru on¬†Twitter!

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Dear Monster Goes For It!

We’ve launched our biggest Kickstarter and need your help more than ever!

Play the demo and support our Kickstarter here:

Allen thought he had his life all figured out. He just graduated university and was headed off to med school. Then a strange letter arrives from a grandfather he never knew. 

He’s pulled onto a new path toward a strange mansion filled with even stranger creatures.

These fantasy beings shouldn’t even exist–and yet, they’re somehow familiar. Allen has no time for mysteries, but when he tries to leave he realizes he’s trapped, and so are the magical monsters! 

Allen must solve the mystery of his own past while learning magic by “bonding” to one of the fantasy creatures.  Otherwise he’ll never get free!

A NSFW tale of magic and love between man and monster with art by the famous bara artist Jouvru!  Will Allen escape the magical mansion and continue the life he planned–or has his entire world been turned upside-down?

  • Featuring Animated 3D Character Sprites
  • Static Sprite Option for Slower Computers
  • Includes 35 CGs by the Esteemed Artist Jouvru!
  • All Love Interests have a MONSTER FORM!
  • Four Routes with a Fifth Route Possible as a DLC!
  • A Beautiful Original Sound Track of 15 Songs!
  • Over 150,000 Words of Story!
  • Numerous NSFW CGs Throughout!
  • 16 Possible Endings!
  • Press ‘v’ to Have Dialogue Read Out Loud

GO HERE to play the NSFW Demo Game!

We need to hit at least $75,000 to unlock Slagathor as a love interest in a future DLC!  This will come out after the game launch.

Does not include any physical rewards.

Key chains and lapel pin are just examples.  Final items will be for Dear Monster characters.

 The art for Dear Monster is being done by the one, the only, Jouvru!  Dear Monster is the first visual novel put out by this world-renowned artist!  Please show them your love!

Dear Monster is a collaboration between Y Press Games and Studio Lovenuts! Lovenuts is the studio who created the very positively reviewed visual novel Sentimental Trickster!

  • Dear Monster is being written by the Polish authors Justyna Pustelnik and Lukasz Skubek
  • The riveting original sound track was composed by Michal Ratkowski.  
  • That gorgeous game trailer was produced by Studio Kosen.  
  • The game is programmed by the talented programmer Nautilus from Y Press Games. 
  • The beautiful GUI and graphic design for this Kickstarter is by Anna Hideyuki
  • Backgrounds were made by the exceptional GVIO Art Studio.  
  • Sprites were animated by Brian Tsui, leader of Iron Vertex

What’s Y Press Games doing?  In addition to publishing, programming, and financing the project, we’re keeping things on schedule.  With Y Press Games overseeing some of the project management you know you’ll get this game on time!

Check out our other games while waiting for Dear Monster! 

Dear Monster Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter finally launch! On¬†March 30th¬†it’ll be fully available for your support in reaching the $50,000 goal! Of course, we want to go beyond that and that’s why we’re counting on you, so¬†help us!

Dear Monster also features the wonderful artist Jouvru!! See some of her amazing works on Twitter!

We have a TikTok!

Y Press Games now has a TikTok! There you can find several iconic moments from our games, and funny scenes! Follow us there right now!

Cheap Rewards!

Have you joined us on Patreon yet?¬†With Dear Monster’s Kickstarter getting closer and closer, you can secure your rewards early and very cheaply! Hurry up and¬†join us!

Canon or Headcanon?

Even knowing that Helix is the canon novel in Maelstrom’s novel, who would you consider your canon novel in the game? Find out on your chaotic trip to Secren on¬†Steam!

Stronger Love

Have you ever felt like you had a strong connection with someone before? What happens when a vampire like Thalos has that feeling with Dusty? Find out here!

Source: Crim

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We’re Getting Closer!

Dear Monster Kickstarter is coming April 1st!! Remember to enable notification by clicking ‘Remind me’ to let you know when it launches! You can also play the demo available via the links to experience what’s coming! Visit our Kickstarter¬†here.

Easter Eggs!

Discover all the secrets scattered around Mister Versatile’s hideout! What will you find there? Play detective a little and investigate every corner for easter eggs on¬†Steam!

Top or Bottom?

What kind of position do you prefer for your favorite incubus? Top or bottom? They can be quite flexible about your choice, so explore the lab right now and find out here!

Are You Ready?

Ready to join us on Patreon? Save perks from future games by supporting us by becoming a Patron! Win mousepads, pins and more! Learn more by visiting our website.

I Need a Protector!

Each cell has a different danger in Alpha Hole Prison, but have you ever found someone who could defend you from all the chaos? Explore the prison and find your protective boyfriend on Steam! 

Source: @Dox_gay

Available now!

Finally our beloved lone wolf superhero is back with his tight suit and a familiar symbiote in Versivion, the new DLC by Mister Versatile! You can purchase right now on Steam.

Synopsis:¬†A new murderer is on the loose, and he’s killing people the exact same way Versivion might if he over-sexed them. And they tend to happen on nights when Mister Versatile is too tired to satisfy his sexually ravenous symbiote…

Mister Versatile must work with Inspector Jeong to find out who’s behind the murders, but it’s hard to investigate when your symbiote is looking to bang every person you cross, be it Captain Crush, Driller, Chihuahua or the hot butt of the inspector. Versivion, Let There Be Smut is an erotic mystery that will keep players guessing until the very end!

Kickstarter on the way!

We’re getting closer and closer to the¬†Dear Monster Kickstarter¬†launch!¬†Click ‘Remind me’ to let you know once it’s active and don’t forget to play the demo available on¬†Steam!¬†

Almost 50 Patrons!

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First episode for free!

Don’t waste time on anything else and play Vampire Slave right now! The first episode is completely free, so you can experience it whenever you want on¬†Steam.

This forbidden love between hunter and vampire is waiting for you!

Mysterious guy

There’s a mysterious guy in your neighborhood, and his scar helps with the rumors floating arount. Rusty seems to be hiding something, but could Cody find out what it is?¬†Visit the farm¬†to find out!

Source: S. Rodrigo

Almost there!

Mister Versatile DLC Versivion: Let There be Smut is closer than you think! It will arrive on March 2, ready to be added to your wishlist!

Mister Versatile must work with Inspector Jeong to find out who’s behind the murders, but it’s hard to investigate when your symbiote is looking to bang every person you cross, be it Captain Crush, Driller, Chihuahua or the hot butt of the inspector. Versivion, Let There Be Smut is an erotic mystery that will keep players guessing until the very end.¬†

Visit the Steam page to learn more! 

Cute surprise!

Looks like that’s the secret they’re looking at. Who doesn’t like a cute animal, right? You will surely enjoy wonderful scenes with Verataz and Miguel or other characters exploring the most dangerous prison in the galaxy!¬†

See the full game of Alpha Hole Prison and all available DLCs here!

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Sweet risks!

What risks can a forbidden love offer? Thalos and Dusty might find out the hard way, and so will you! Join this unlikely love story between a hunter and his prey on Steam!

Deepest desires ūü§ę

What requests would you make if you were on board? Fulfill your biggest dreams on the HMS Size Queen by playing the demo available and don’t forget to add on your¬†wishlist!

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