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Mister Versatile Kickstarter is Live!

Mister Versatile will have text in both English and Spanish with the voice acting in English! Mister Versatile tendrá voces en inglés. Y subtítulos en inglés y español.

Mister Versatile is an Adults Only Gay Visual Novel Featuring:

Mister Versatile es una Visual Novel Gay solo para adultos que incluye:

  •  Animated Sequences Secuencias Animadas
  •  4 Routes 4 Rutas
  •  Partial Voice Acting (Full is a Stretch Goal) Doblaje parcial (completo si se alcanza la Stretch Goal)
  •  12 Endings 12 Finales
  •  Hundreds of CGs Cientos de imágenes
  •  An OST with 31 Funky Songs Una banda sonora con 31 temas funk
  •  30 Steam Achievements 30 Logros en Steam

The Lone Wolf Mister Versatile thinks super teams are a pain in the ass, but four super-hotties have decided they want to watch his back anyway.  

Mister Versatile es un lobo solitario por una buena razón. Piensa que trabajar en equipo es un grano en el culo, y él no tiene el culo para compromisos. Pero hay cuatro superbuenorros que están decididos a convencerlo de que un superhéroe necesita tener las espaldas bien cubiertas y viceversa.

Mister Versatile is screwed, and not in the good way. Baddies have penetrated his tender headquarters.  Will Mr. V finally let down his guard and get the help he needs?

Cuando los problemas empiezan a penetrar en lo más preciado que tiene: su Versabase, Mister Versatile tendrá que hacer honor a su nombre y adaptarse a la nueva situación. Aunque eso suponga bajar la guardia y aventurarse en una nueva alianza. 

If so, which superhero will teach him how to play nice with others? By Studio Kosen, the artists who created the To Trust an Incubus demo!

¿Quién le enseñará a volver a confiar en los demás? Por Studio Kôsen, las artistas que crearon la demo de To Trust an Incubus!

Join our Discord for all the news and updates about this game!

Únete a nuestro Discord y no te pierdas las noticias y actualizaciones sobre este juego:

This Kickstarter will launch after we deliver all the rewards for Gods of Love around March 10th, 2020! Este Kickstarter será lanzado el 10 de marzo de 2020.

We have the English Itch Demo up now. Steam

Preview Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter!

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Make Friends with Alien Cannibals – Try Not to Get Eaten

In Lushland Space Colony you’re only able to survive because a group of technologically advanced cannibal aliens provide everything you need–but it’s up to you to feed them!

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery so we can make this amazing game!

cover - copy

Y Press Games, the company that always delivers crowd-funding rewards on time, has a new psychological horror visual novel in the works written by author Yamila Abraham!  Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo so we can create this amazing game!

Govern a planetary settlement dependent carnivorous aliens for survival. Hold Cannibal Lotteries to decide which of your people will feed your benefactors. Should you sacrifice the sick, the elderly, criminals–or should every life be at risk?

Get it right or your people will revolt and you’ll be the one on the cannibals’ table!

Grab the PC/MAC Demo from Steam!

Grab the PC/MAC Demo From!

Hi! I’m Masa Murda! Once upon a time my people were traveling through space trying to find a new planet to live on because we totally wrecked our old one. We landed on some skunky world right before we ran out of fuel. The place didn’t even have oxygen!

Turned out okay, though–cuz we were followed.


We needed a place to live and the Providers needed meat, so they fast-track terraformed and set us up real nice on the new world…y’know, so they could eat us.

Thanks to our tech-savvy cannibal buddies we have food, shelter–oxygen, and we only have to kill around one person a month to feed to them. Pretty sweet, right!

Governor Faleena Dancy has the super-fun job of handling the cannibal lotteries each month. She’s got a lot of incentive to get things right, because our cannibal friends threatened to eat her if she screws up.

Actually, they’ll eat all of us if she screws up. Did I mention they turn into berserk monsters when they get too hungry? They rampage and start eating people alive–it’s hilarious!

Faleena’s actually pretty good at her job–probably too good, because we colonists hate her. Her best friend is one of the cannibals!

People figure Faleena’s a cannibal sympathizer and talk about revolting all the time. As if she didn’t have enough problems! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I’m the editorializer at the colony news station, and I think this cannibalism stuff is a hoot! I’m also the one who’s going to be giving you all your nifty puzzles to solve, and I’ll be there after the endings whenever you screw up. Guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other!

Cannibal Lottery is 15 lengthy chapters of psychological horror filled with harrowing choices and bonus puzzles.

Earn stats, activate flags, and manage your budget in a way that will keep both your people and the cannibals happy.

All choices matter, and will affect the likelihood of a colonist revolt, a cannibal rampage, a mental breakdown, a hostile cannibal takeover, a wildcard event, or your becoming a sacrifice yourself.

Determine who among your staff is an ally or an enemy while also deciding whether or not to form an alliance with the cannibal leader.

Decide how much or little to trust your best friend, the cannibal Dal-Tor, and choose how to use resources to benefit the future of colony or the cannibal-human alliance.

Throughout it all, you’ll face truly horrific choices, unthinkable situations, and cringe-inducing horror which is only made palatable through the antics of Cannibal Lottery’s zany mascot, Masa Murda.

  • Every Choice Effects a Stat or a Flag
  • Full of Twists that Will Make Your Jaw Drop
  • 15 Chapters and 3 Bonus Chapters to Unlock
  • Puzzles, After Death Scenes, Dynamic Effects
  • 150,000 words, Hundreds of Images
  • 50+ Steam Achievements, Dozens of Endings
  • An Original Sound Track

The Kickstarter will determine if we have Full Voice Acting by AAA Voice Actors!

Governor Faleena Dancy
The Providers appointed Faleena to the governor position after eating the former governor, Faleena’s husband, Ludrin. To the surprise of everyone, Faleena not only accepted her husband’s former post, but appears to be governing in favor of the cannibals who ate him. The reasons why are likely only known by her closest friend, the cannibal Dal-Tor. Faleena does her best to govern the colony while raising the baby born after her husband’s death.

Provider Emissary Dal-Tor
Dal-Tor is the intermediary between the cannibals and humans and spends most of her time in Faleena’s office. Thousands of years old, she’s found meaning in the deep relationship she has with Faleena and her daughter. Both cannibals and humans question what her true interest is in Faleena.

Vice Governor Malek
While the governor is appointed to her seat, the vice governor Malek was elected by the people. He always places their concerns over that of the cannibals, causing him to often butt heads with Faleena. Malek’s power is limited, but he uses his influence as best he can.

Assistant to the Vice Governor Sharin
Sharin is technically Faleena’s assistant also, but has shown a strong preference toward serving Malek over her. At 75 years old Sharin is deeply troubled by a policy that switches a younger lottery winner with a parent or grandparent. Faleena’s support of this policy has caused strife between them.

Lord Crieghton, Ruler of the Providers
Crieghton is the cannibal Faleena must answer to when she takes risks with the lotteries. His goal is to feed his 34 people as much food as possible, and he resents the small rations they endure while the colony grows. Crieghton can order the ‘Sacrificial Replacement’ of Faleena if she breaks any of the rules in the agreement made between the colonists and Providers.

Lottery Commissioner Gray
Gray has the unenviable job of facilitating the sacrifices after a lottery winner is chosen. His weight is not an issue to him, but he wishes he didn’t have to deal with Dal-Tor constantly mentioning how much she wants to eat him.

Media Liaison Zalby
Zalby’s job is to coordinate between the governor’s office and the colony press. It’s unknown if they are loyal to Faleena or Malek, but the news that airs about Faleena is primarily negative.

Now close to one year’s old, Ednea is the baby girl Faleena learned she was pregnant with shortly after her husband died.

News Editorializer Masa Murda
Masa Murda’s official job is making Faleena’s life difficult by reporting on her in the worst light possible. While the other news anchors maintain an air of objectivity, Masa is happy to make edgy jokes at the governor’s expense. Her unofficial job is to give players puzzles and talk to them after they get an ending.

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery so we can make this amazing game!


All Incu-Besty Rewards Sent

If you bought the Incu-Besty reward on the To Trust an Incubus Kickstarter or through Ko-Fi or Coffee, check your email, including spam, because your reward has been sent.

Here are some reasons why you may not have gotten your reward:

  1. You changed your Kickstarter email.  Even if you notified us, it’s impossible to keep this after-market info straight on 1,200 rewards.  Contact us again using the contact form on this site.  Give us your Kickstarter order number so we can look you up.
  2. You bought the reward from Ko-Fi or Buy Me a Coffee and didn’t put your email address in the message with the reward as we instructed.  If you didn’t give us your email we have no way to send your reward.  Contact us with proof you made a donation and we’ll look you up and get it sent.We said in the Buy me a Coffee instructions:  No email in your message, no reward.  Still we got several donations without any identifying information.  Buy me a Coffee does not give us any personal information about the people donating–so we’re stuck!  It’s up to you to fix this, because we literally have NO WAY to find out who you are.
  3. Your email bounced.  We had a bunch come back.  If this prevented you from getting your reward contact us and we’ll figure it out together.
  4. You donated less than the amount needed to get the Incu-Besty reward.  $5, $10, or $15 donations etc. do not grant any rewards besides your name in the credits and the backer only poster.

We’ll be directing anyone who doesn’t get their Incu-Besty reward to this post.  We honestly did our best to get everyone their rewards.  ;_; We’re only human.

Next up:  Incu-Beasty!!  We’ll be sending your rewards over the next few days.  Don’t worry, the game doesn’t come out until Nov. 23rd and you’ll definitely have your rewards before then.

How our Yaoi Bara Visual Novel Kickstarter Made Almost $50,000

This is Yamila, owner of Y Press Games.  When I decided to make a massive Kickstarter project for our game To Trust an Incubus I looked at similar Kickstarters and used them to estimate how much we might make.  This is a flawed method because you have no idea what creators had in place before they launched.

I really wish someone had bared their soul about a Kickstarter similar to mine so I could have had realistic expectations about our potential.  I’ll leave this here for other people who are starting yaoi, bara, or visual novel Kickstarters and are thirsty for knowledge on how to make their efforts at least as successful as ours.

Here is what we had for the To Trust an Incubus Kickstarter, which ended today, April 21, 2018, with $47,212.

Before We Launched:

  • We researched which ideas would be the most viable and profitable and tweaked our concept to emulate an extremely successful similar Kickstarter.  (Just Yaoi wasn’t going to get us the money we needed–bara was more marketable and something I’m just as passionate about.)
  • We built the Kickstarter page as soon as we had the main game image, which was just our sprites on a background design, 4 months before we launched.  It was incomplete, but showed the art and story.  We continued to build it more and more as we got ready to launch.  I started to promote and build buzz for the Kickstarter, getting comments and followers on Kickstarter.
    • Advance Discovery got us 7% of our funds, or $3,303.00
  • We built a web site for our company and game.
    • We got $2,986 direct from our WordPress web site.
  • We made a long demo comprising 30% of the game and ended on a cliffhanger.
  • We had a professional, enticing, and beautiful game trailer with animation and characters’ voices.
  • We teased that the Kickstarter was coming through our social media.
  • We booked advertising on for $340.
    • This ad got us $1,578.  It was a much poorer return than I expected.
  • We sent out press releases a month in advance, but it seems like a few days in advance would have been better because most venues were online and didn’t need such a long lead.  Boy Culture,, TwoHappyCats, Queer SciFi,, and LewdGamer ran the story out of the dozens we contacted.
    • Queer SciFi got us $1100
    • Lewd Gamer got us $75
    • Others may have got us sales too, but were not in the referrers

After We Launched:

  • We posted on forums all over the place.
    • LemmaSoft got us $207
    • Aarin Fantasy got us $150
    • 4Chan got us $25
    • Fireden got us $25
    • Reddit got us $25
    • Others may have got us sales too, but were not in the referrers
  • We blasted our social media regularly.  I have a SUBSTANTIAL social media presence after building up Yaoi Press since 2004.  Most of the sales that came from social media didn’t show in referrers.  I know it was helpful, however, because I always saw new backers after I did a social media blitz.  Here’s what I had in my arsenal for this Kickstarter:
    • The Yaoi a Go Go Facebook of 146,000 Followers run by a kind friend who helped me.
    • The Yaoi Press Facebook of 10,000 Followers
    • The Yaoi Prose Facebook of 2,400 Followers
    • My Author Page with 700 Followers
    • The Y Press Games Facebook with 600 Followers
    • My Facebook Author Group with 193 Members
    • Assorted relevant groups open to promotion.
      • Facebook got us $2573
    • The Yaoi Press Twitter with 9,000 Followers
    • The Yaoi Prose Twitter with 3,250 Followers
    • The Y Press Games Twitter with 400 Followers
      • Twitter got us $1202
    • The Yaoi Press Tumblr with 1,600 Followers
    • The Yaoimila Web Comic Tumblr with 500 Followers
    • The Y Press Games Tumblr with 200 Followers
      • Tumblr got us $532
    • The Yaoi Press Google Plus with 3,300 Followers
    • The Y Press Games Instagram with 200 Followers
    • The Yaoi Press Pinterest with 550 Followers
    • The Gaijin Manga Deviant Art with 61 Watchers
  • I sent three newsletters.  I have over 5,000 Subscribers.
  • I did a Thunderclap
  • I posted the demo on
    • I saw $50 in backers referring directly from there.
  • I was featured on the Top to Botm Podcast
  • We ran the Kickstarter for 60 days and made $25,663 in the first 30 days and $21,549 in the last 30 days.  (Don’t go for shorter Kickstarters if your project is viable and is expected to be a winner.  Just being present on Kickstarter will get you 35% of your funding.  People search for stuff to back on this platform, so the longer you’re there the better.)
  • We spent a total of $1,900 on advertising, including Facebook, Starfighter, Twitter, Google Adwords, and $75 on two of those scammers who email you after you start a Kickstarter, buying one of your perks to make you like them, taking your money and doing nothing for you.  Don’t respond to any direct marketing, even if they buy a perk. They’re just going to refund it later.
  • We encouraged people to promote our social media by offering to strip chibis of four of our characters.
    • EDIT 6/24/2019 – It seems the best way to get backers to help promote your Kickstarter is ask them to post a sentence with the short link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, and to tag you in the post.  Then you offer to thank them in a future update.  Also tell them which tags to us for each platform.
  • We commented frequently and had 30 updates, building a rapport with backers.  Many of them stepped up to help with promotion because they got to know us.  (We introduced our team in Kickstarter updates).  We also did not lose many backers when we ran into a problem that jeopardized the project.  Being honest and having a good rapport saved us.
  • We had bitchin’ rewards, including the chance to marry one of the characters for $1000 (this sold out).
  • We Promo swapped with the Lovenuts Patreon.  I promoted their Patreon in a Kickstarter update and they promoted my Kickstarter in an update on their old Kickstarter for Sentimental Trickster.  (Doing this also helped me find a very knowledgeable new friend.)
  • I promo swapped with a popular Bara deviant artist.  He promoted our Kickstarter and I will be promoting his Patreon soon.  (This gave us at least a $2000 boost)
  • I contacted YouTubers to get them to play our demo.  Many did!  Some backers told us they were sent by YouTubers.
  • I contacted YouTubers to share our Trailer.  One of them did.
  • Our most sought after Stretch Goal, Full Voice Acting, was the next one to get on the last 2 days of our Kickstarter.  People upped their pledges and helped us get backers to hit this goal.  We went up $9,000 in the last 48 hours.  I’ve included our pledge chart below.

I think that’s all we did, but I’ll update if I remember something else.  Here’s our top 20 Kickstarter referrers:


Here’s our pledge chart:




Only 10 Days Left to Support To Trust an Incubus!

Thanks to all the backers who’ve helped make this project a reality.  For everyone else–time is running out!  Please back us today before it’s too late!

We’ve met these stretch goals!

We still have a chance to make these stretch goals!

  • All Characters Versatile!  Would you like to see Vald bottom or Saji top?  This is the stretch goal that makes it happen!  We’re only $3000 from this awesome achievement!
  • Someone Gets a Sexy Spanking!  Okay–the someone is Arata and the person giving the consensual spanking is Vald.  Wouldn’t you love to see that?!  Let’s hit this goal!
  • Full Voice Acting!  We might just hit this goal in the time left!  Get full voices for every scene!

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!

We got 300+ followers on our Facebook, which got our Harsi Chibi half naked!

We got 200 Followers to our Twitter and 100 Retweets of This Tweet, which made Chibi Vald strip all the way!  Behold his GARGANTUAN chibi peen!!

We got 200 followers on our Tumblr which made Saji strip half-way!!

We only need 38 more followers to our Instagram and Chibi Devi will strip all the way!! Let’s get this last goal before we’re done.

He wants to be naked so bad!
He wants to be naked so bad!

We’ve had an incredible campaign, but it’s not over!  Let’s push to hit all these final goals!  And Support our Kickstarter Here!

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