Alpha Hole Prison

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The Visual Novel, Soundtrack, Art Book, and Strategy Guide are out now on Steam and Itch. Loaded with animated sex scenes, get Alpha Hole Prison for $29.00 with a free Rin Timber DLC.


Explicit Images of Sexual Content Will Follow Below.

Featuring a dark, hopeful, and compelling 300,000 word story and over a hundred animated sex scenes.

Earthling Miguel Santos has been sentenced to life at Alpha Hole, a notorious space prison. His survival depends on using his charms to convince a powerful ally to protect him.

  • A Dynamic 300,000 Word Character-Driven Dating Sim
  • 6 Super-Sexy Adults-Only Routes
  • 135 Animated Sex Scenes!
  • Threesome Options in Every Route!
  • 75 Endings, Including Demo Endings
  • 400+ Gorgeous CGs
  • An Intricate ‘All Choices Matter’ Flag System
  • Partial Voice Acting 
  • 24 Exclusive Music Tracks
  • All Love Interests Versatile!


Who Are We

Y Press Games evolved from the manga publishing company Yaoi Press. Our first game came out in 2018, and we have 9 titles published to date.

Finding Romance with a Protector in the Darkest of Circumstances. Now on Steam and Itch!