Orc Covenant

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Gorgeously illustrated with hundreds of images, Orc Covenant is a sextacular romp into a fantasy realm full of sultry elves and beefy well-endowed orcs! Wishlist now on Steam so you don’t miss the launch discount!


The sorcerer elf Xareth should be prince of Zellerwind, but his father was usurped by King Trum’kel, an inept conman. Xareth now seeks help from the orc tribe to take back his throne.

A visual novel with four love interests to choose from! Will Xareth regain his throne and fall in love? Or do the orcs have other plans for Zellerwind?


The Orc Covenant Visual Novel Contains:

  • Orc/Elf
  • Orc/Orc
  • Elf/Orc
  • And Orc/Elf/Orc!
  • Four Love Interests
  • 20 Hours of Game Play!
  • Hundreds of Color and Black and White Images!
  • A Hard-Hitting Music Sound Track!
  • Dozens of Possible Endings!
  • Deep and Compelling Storylines in Every Route!

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Who Are We

Y Press Games evolved from the manga publishing company Yaoi Press. Our first game came out in 2018, and we have 13 titles published to date.

Sizzling NSFW Content, Gorgeous Art, and a Deep Moving Story! Wishlist Orc Covenant on Steam today!