Versivion is Available on Steam and Itch now for $10.99

Now the eternal loner Mister Versatile must learn to share his everything with the omnipresent alien. They have their ups, their downs, and their tentacle sex, but one thing that’s never lacking is trust. Until…

A new murderer is on the loose, and he’s killing people the exact same way Versivion might if he over-sexed them. And they tend to happen on nights when Mister Versatile is too tired to satisfy his sexually ravenous symbiote…

Mister Versatile must work with Inspector Jeong to find out who’s behind the murders, but it’s hard to investigate when your symbiote is looking to bang every person you cross, be it Captain Crush, Driller, Chihuahua or the hot butt of the inspector. Versivion, Let There Be Smut is an erotic mystery that will keep players guessing until the very end!

  • 30 Brand New CGs!
  • Seven Different Endings!
  • Free Strategy Guide
  • Five New Backgrounds
  • Dozens of new Character Sprites!
  • Two New Original Songs
  • New Animated Sequences
  • Two New Characters