Sentimental Trickster is a go!

Back in July 2019 Y Press Games agreed to help the embattled developer Lovenuts complete their game Sentimental Trickster. We’re happy to say that last month we got all the materials we need, and we’re working on the game now! Stay tuned for future updates.

Meet Jader!

Nothing looks like it seems and Jader can give this impression.. You can find out more knowing him on Maelstrom Demo and making this game part of your Wishlist!

About him: Jader isn’t evil, he’s just a victim of the horrible circumstances on his planet. When he injured his leg he couldn’t mine anymore and had to join a biker gang of cannibalistic criminals. He doesn’t like what he’s become, and takes drugs to numb his pain. He’d become clean and walk away from it all for a guy like Demetri.

Remember me

It’s always good to relive old memories, isn’t it? Remember Kenta’s history in To Trust an Incubus  with this old trailer

It seems like it was yesterday that we dreamed of taking Kenta’s place with those sexy demons around…

Hot Superheroes

Nothing better to start a nice week with Mister Versatile adventures! Meet some hot guys and have some fun fighting against evil! Or against your pleasure… (¬?¬)

Support Patreon

Alpha Hole Prison is coming and you can get future rewards about this game supporting us on Patreon! Any help will be appreciated!  You can get this with $20 a month, but don’t worry, we have rewards about our other games too!

Nice Butts

Art made by: @derlaine

That’s it for the week. I hope you enjoyed! Join our community! https://discord.gg/ujKBR3S5nJ

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