Monster Ops

Monster Ops

An on-going visual novel series with new 1 to 2 hour stand-alone game episodes coming out monthly!

Grab the Free Season Premiere on Steam or Itch July 23rd, 2024!

Plucky Lieutenant Tide has been drafted into the Monster Ops: A military taskforce that hunts monsters who’ve escaped from a top-secret experiment. He joins the no-nonsense veteran soldier Wraith and the peaceful human-loving monster Balasque.

Tide’s past screw-ups make him a questionable choice for the high-stakes black ops, but he’s determined to prove himself to Wraith. He can’t help but look up to their badass leader.

Wraith seems rough around the edges, but he warms up to Tide quickly. When the nature of their missions turn sexual, romantic possibilities open up for the two that neither had considered.

With increasingly dangerous missions and an unpredictable commander, Wraith and Tide know they must count on each other to survive.

Will their bond as battle-brothers evolve into something more?

Our season premieres will be free, and subsequent episodes paid.

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Monster Ops is our feature Patreon and Subscribe Star Game!  Episode 2 will come out in August 2024 for subscribers!  Six months earlier than Steam or Itch!  It will also cost only $5 a month for subscribers!  Two dollars less than Steam or Itch!

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