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Our First Yaoi Game Campaign!

My Magical Demon Lover has an Indiegogo launching January 10th!  Be sure to check this link on Wednesday so you don’t miss out on the exclusive and early bird perks:


Our first yaoi game features Tristan, a wizard wannabe who has to get romanced by one of three demons in order to get his wizard magic!


The Indiegogo will give us the money we need to pay our super-talented artist, awesome programmer, and music composer!


Everyone wants more sexy yaoi visual novel games–but it takes the support of fans to make it happen!  Please contribute to our campaign however you can.

A GAME DEMO and GAME TRAILER will be up on January 10th!  Check out our progress now, and please help spread the word!

My Magical Demon Lover

A Yaoi Visual Novel Dating Sim with a Demo and Crowd Funding Campaign Coming Soon!

Spicy Ecchi Content + A Yaoi Fantasy Story + A Dash of Comedy = My Magical Demon Lover, a ‘mature players’ dating sim that puts the wannabe wizard Tristan with his choice of three hot demons.

Three sultry routes and numerous endings! Choices matter and there’s a high replay value. Pick correctly for maximum love, wizarding skills, and sexy times!


We have an original sound track and over 50 computer graphics to illustrate every scene.

The Indiegogo campaign will only be for a SHORT TIME!  To make sure you don’t miss a chance to get the game, please make sure you’re notified of the Indiegogo!  You can get an alert one of these ways:

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