Meet Zheng-Li

The Maelstrom demo is available, and if you haven’t played already just do it! You can explore Demetri adventures in this new world, and know more about Zheng Li, one of the romanceable characters! You can check out here.

About him: Zheng Li is the reason Secren is such a terrible planet. He lives in his lofty fortress above all the suffering. For him, miners are just disposable assets. He thinks it’s fine for the weak ones to die. That just lets stronger miners take their place. Now that he wants Demetri he’ll have to open his eyes to how horrible he let things get.

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Secrets on the bath house

Well, well… Looks like Butch and Rusty are waiting for you on the bath house. Maybe you wanna find out what will happen there? Find out on Morningdew Farms!

Maybe you can discover their secrets.. ?

Cute freckles

You like cute guys who looks fragile but at the same time is wild?  Jake is the perfect combination for your desires! He has something inside him that is thirsty for pleasure… literally.

You can find out more in Mister Versatile!!

Cure for everything

The perfect combination!

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