A New Kickstarter is Coming!!

Our new Kickstarter is coming – Orc Covenant, our new game about orcs! Doesn’t it sound exciting and pretty spicy? ? Well, it’s not released to get rewards yet, but soon it will be!

Anyway, you can visit the link and follow us to let you know when it’s available. Click here to visit our Kickstarter!!

While the Kickstarter is Not Yet Active…

We’ve already talked about our Kickstarter coming soon, and in the meantime, meet the characters who will be a part of this peculiar journey! Are you ready to meet them?


Main character Xareth has one thing on his mind: sex with orcs! No…actually…it’s getting revenge! His father was violently usurped in the elf kingdom of Zellerwind, and he’s determined to take back his throne. If he could get the orcs to help him, he’d triumph for sure! But how to convince them?

Prince Galen can do anything, even broker peace between the elves and the orcs! Except he just gets knocked on his ass and captured when he tries. He’s presumed dead, but maybe one of the orcs decided to keep him around?


Kurdan doesn’t want to be the next chieftain of the orcs. He really isn’t smart enough and would rather collect crystals and herbs and stuff. His dear sweet grandma understands, but his father Dagroth wants him to be strong—totally brutal! Oh well…he does want father to be proud of him.

Dagroth’s elf mate abandoned him and his infant son, now he’s determined to make all elves suffer. They’re liars. They’re tricksters! He will conquer them and take over their mighty city! (But sex with a few on the way is fine. He’s not made of stone, y’know?)

As shaman to the orcs, he’s the voice of reason that tempers the violent chieftain Dagroth. He longs for the tribe to once again have a glorious city where they don’t have to live like hog-orcs in the woods. An elf bedwarmer would be the cherry on top!

Half orc and half elf, Yundril is the oldest son of the chieftain, but he can never be chieftain himself one day due to his elf blood. It’s not right! He’s more orc than any full-blooded orc here! He’ll rip apart anyone who says different!

You can chat with us on Discord! Come on, we don’t bite. ?

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