Wishlist Orc Covenant on Steam!


Wishlist Orc Covenant on Steam so you don’t miss out on our Launch Discount!

Orc Covenant is now listed on Steam and we need your help! Help us get as many wishlists as we can so we can have a huge launch next year!

Check out our Steam Page to see more sexy images like this one and find out what Orc Covenant is all about!

And don’t forget to Wishlist us! Orc Covenant will only be available on Steam! We’re not launching on other platforms due to game update concerns and a big problem with sales dilution.

We need this game to be a huge success, and Steam is our biggest vendor. By focusing all our marketing there, we stand a better chance of success! We hope you’ll support us in this decision, because it wasn’t easy for us to make it!

We Have a Kickstarter Coming Too!

We’re also holding a MASSIVE KICKSTARTER next April! Go to our Kickstarter Preview and click to get a notification for when we launch! There will be loads of amazing perks and lots more info on the game!

In the meantime, join our Discord for more news and sneak peeks! It’s a super chill queer hang-out with thousands of awesome people! And a super-naughty NSFW channel that’s updated with hot images daily!

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