Mister Versatile

Driller’s Turn – Live Now!

Driller’s Turn, the FINAL Mister Versatile DLC is LIVE NOW! Grab it today on Steam or Itch!

Mister Versatile and Driller should be enjoying life now that they’ve reunited and become lovers. However, Driller starts acting off and then dumps Mister Versatile without warning! After that, Mister Versatile learns Driller has returned to his life of crime! Why would he do this?! What’s going on?!

Whatever it is, Mister Versatile will never give up on Driller.

Check out the final Mister Versatile DLC featuring his former arch nemesis Driller!

  • Play as Driller or Mister Versatile!
  • 24 Brand New CGs!
  • 14 Different Endings!
  • Free Strategy Guide!
  • Several New Backgrounds!
  • Numerous New Character Sprites!
  • A New Original Song!
  • New Animated Sequences!
  • New Characters!

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