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Oni Onsen Cancellation

We’d like to share the recent update to the Oni Onsen Kickstarter so there is less of a shock later. As of last week, all development (art, writing, programming, etc.) on Oni Onsen was halted in anticipation of the Kickstarter failing. We updated the Kickstarter today with the […]

Oni Onsen Kickstarter is LIVE!

It’s live! And the custom rewards are going fast! Help us to reach our largest goal ever! And play the amazing demo game while you’re there! A NSFW Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel with Four Love interests and Five Routes–Including a Harem Route!   Check out our Press Kit! Samurai Asano was betrayed […]

Oni Onsen Kickstarter!

The prerelease page for the Oni Onsen Kickstarter is NOW LIVE! Please click the link below and click ‘Notify Me On Launch’. Doing this will get you notified when our gorgeous and sexy NSFW demo is live for you to play, you’ll also be able to snag […]