Become the Magic King of the Damned in My Magical Demon Lover ~ Demo Review

A lovely review of our My Magical Demon Lover demo!!

Two Happy Cats

One beautiful morning in a small village, a young bartender named Tristan is engaging in a little bit of…self love, if you get what I mean. He’s rudely interrupted by a flying letter that smashes through his window. The annoyance doesn’t last long as Tristan realises the letter is from his great grandfather, Percival, who is also the village’s protector. Tristan has always dreamed of his great grandfather teaching him magic, but when he arrives at the GG’s home, he realises magic lessons aren’t quite what they showed in Harry Potter films.

My Magical Demon Lover Percival Yaoi Press Games Demo.jpg

Instead, GG Percival informs out sweet hero that magic comes from bonding with a demon partner. Very…intimate bonding. We’re introduced to our three demons – Harse, Karn and Soren who range in their desires. The demo only takes 20 minutes to play through but Yaoi Press Games has been VERY generous in the amount of sexy time they’ve…

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