Vald Stripped!


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We got 200 Followers on the Y Press Games Twitter! WHOOOO! That means the goal is halfway complete and Vald had to show some skin! (You should see him from behind!) That last little scrap comes off after we get 62 more retweets of this tweet: Thanks to everyone helping us meet our social media goals!  Here’s what we have left:

Get Harsi the rest of the way naked by giving us 73 more shares of this Facebook Post:

Give us 102 more followers on our Tumblr to get Saji half nekkid!

Then reblog this post 66 more times to get him the rest of the way there!

Give us 89 more followers on our Instagram to get Devi naked! thought you could ‘regram’ posts on Instagram…but I guess not?  So let’s just get those followers and we’ll strip Devi down.  He literally can not wait to show his ENORMOUS chibi peen!

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