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Youtubers Show Their Love!

Hi Everyone!

As part of our promotional efforts we’ve emailed a lot of YouTubers hoping they’d produce videos based on our humble demo.  To our shock and delight–many have done just that!  (This is for our Kickstarter here: )

Here are some lovely videos of the demo.  These videos really help out the campaign.  I hope you’ll like, comment, or subscribe (but like at the very least) to help the algorithm and get these videos seen by more people!

Fresh Today!


This YouTuber has gotten over 1,000 views in less than 24 hours.  He only did the first part of the demo, so give him some love so he’ll actually get to the sexy-times!  He’s very funny and does good voices too!  Thanks AwesomePerfection1!  Leave him a like or comment here:


We love MeowieCakes because of the way she censors!  It’s worth watching just for the shocked penis cats.  She also meows when she doesn’t want to read sexy-stuff.  PURE GOLD!!  Leave her some love here:


ArcadeStarJosten wins the uke-voice contest!  He also has a great way of censoring and tends to scream when he sees luscious man-bodies.  Make sure you give him lots of love here:  (We love his video intro too!!)


Fudanshi Life censors with screaming anime characters!!  It’s a hoot.  He was the first to make a video for TTAI so he gets mad props for that!  Show your love here:

Did we miss any?  Give us links in the comments!  This is a FANTASTIC thing for YouTubers to do for our campaign.  It takes a lot of time and effort and they get paid in views–so watch!!

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