All Incu-Besty Rewards Sent

If you bought the Incu-Besty reward on the To Trust an Incubus Kickstarter or through Ko-Fi or Coffee, check your email, including spam, because your reward has been sent.

Here are some reasons why you may not have gotten your reward:

  1. You changed your Kickstarter email.  Even if you notified us, it’s impossible to keep this after-market info straight on 1,200 rewards.  Contact us again using the contact form on this site.  Give us your Kickstarter order number so we can look you up.
  2. You bought the reward from Ko-Fi or Buy Me a Coffee and didn’t put your email address in the message with the reward as we instructed.  If you didn’t give us your email we have no way to send your reward.  Contact us with proof you made a donation and we’ll look you up and get it sent.We said in the Buy me a Coffee instructions:  No email in your message, no reward.  Still we got several donations without any identifying information.  Buy me a Coffee does not give us any personal information about the people donating–so we’re stuck!  It’s up to you to fix this, because we literally have NO WAY to find out who you are.
  3. Your email bounced.  We had a bunch come back.  If this prevented you from getting your reward contact us and we’ll figure it out together.
  4. You donated less than the amount needed to get the Incu-Besty reward.  $5, $10, or $15 donations etc. do not grant any rewards besides your name in the credits and the backer only poster.

We’ll be directing anyone who doesn’t get their Incu-Besty reward to this post.  We honestly did our best to get everyone their rewards.  ;_; We’re only human.

Next up:  Incu-Beasty!!  We’ll be sending your rewards over the next few days.  Don’t worry, the game doesn’t come out until Nov. 23rd and you’ll definitely have your rewards before then.

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  1. I think I’d chosen the incu-besty reward level when I donated through buymeacoffee but I can no longer access the page to check and I haven’t gotten a reward. Is there any way to find out? Thanks.

  2. Hi this is [email protected], I just have a general question. I ordered the incu-beasty package (by donation of course) but I do not think I have mentioned my mailing address anywhere during the donation process other than just tell you my email. How do you know where I live and send the reward to me? Second, which mailing service do you use? Because I will be out of town for the entire month and I prefer USPS so that I could put a “hold mail” request to ensure the poster would not be stolen by anyone if the package I sent left unattended for a whole month, it is not safe these days you know.

    Thank you soo much and I am appreciate your work through this amazing project!

  3. Hi I’d chosen the incu-besty reward when I back on kickstarter, I checked and haven’t gotten a reward.

  4. Hello to the team, and first of all congrats on the upcoming launch! Only one day to go, now! I hope everything goes swimmingly and without TOO much pressure for you. >,<

    Also, and apologies if I'm being out of topic/if you have already answered this somewhere I havn't seen, can I ask you about other relases? I'm reticent to use Steam, and given how I first came across TTAI by playing the demo I assumed there was going to be a simultaneous release for it on itch – I might have been wrong.

    If an itch build is on track, however, I'd rather wait for it.
    Can you please tell me whether you have an itchio release planned, or not at all? If you have, would that cover both censored and uncensored versions, and do you have a timeframe for release at this point ?
    Thank you for all info you might be willing to share 🙂 and good luck!