Cannibal Lottery

YouTubers Get in on Cannibal Lottery!

Hi Everyone!

We’re still looking for supports for our awesome horror visual novel Kickstarter!  Please go here to play the demo, check out the trailer, and support one super unique, original, and fun game!

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery!

We have two YouTube Let’s Plays I’d like to share with you! The interesting thing: They both picked the same choices: Ask Crieghton for permission to cancel the lottery.
Did you pick that choice in the demo, too? Well, I’m going to warn you: picking the path of the least resistance is not going to work out! Trusting Crieghton will be fraught with difficulty. The question is: Can you deal with the fall out of such a dangerous alliance?
Check out these nifty let’s plays of the Cannibal Lottery demo!
This second Let’s Play gets into Chapter 2!
Did you guys know that your choices in Chapter 2 change depending on what you picked in Chapter 1? This will happen a lot in the game! To get all the Steam Achievements you’ll have to knock down all the dominoes of a certain choice series!
We’re busily continuing work on the game. This week we illustrated an animation you’ll see in Chapter 5…of someone hopping on one leg? But why? And who? The answer is a major shocker in the game!! (Seriously, it knocked our editor for a loop!)
We’re super excited for this game! In fact…we’re even discussing a sequel featuring Ednea! We’re going to pull out all the stops to make this game amazing so it can be a franchise.
Or not…we’re not going to count our chickens before they’re hatched! Please help us by supporting our crowdfunding.  Even a small donation would help!

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery

Do you have any advice on where we can spread the word about Cannibal Lottery? We’re all ears! We’re a little scared of promoting to hardcore horror/cannibal groups, but we’re a little freaky too…so…maybe?

Comment below with your thoughts!!

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