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If you follow Y Press Games on Facebook, Twitter, Ypressgames.com, Steam discussions, Itch devlogs, and Instagram, you are only seeing the promotional side of the business.

From that angle it may appear we don’t care about the pandemic and are just trying to get our Kickstarter funded.

To see the human side of Y Press Games, the place were we can be ourselves in an informal discussion setting, join our Discord here:  https://discord.gg/Vd23qJ4

We need to get our Kickstarters funded in order to make our games, but we would never ask for someone to go broke by supporting us.



We know there’s a pandemic.  We are worried and concerned, the same as you.  We don’t put well wishes about the pandemic in our advertising, because it’s insincere.  There is a place for commiseration, concern, and unity, and that’s not in an advertisement where you’re selling something.



To see the human side of Y Press Games, join the Discord.  We aren’t a cold corporation.  We’re four people making our living by doing what we love.  We have to promote our games and Kickstarters, but that’s not the only thing we’re about.


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