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A NSFW Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel with Four Love interests and Five Routes–Including a Harem Route!  

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Samurai Asano was betrayed by his daimyo master, the warlord Sakuna, when they invaded his homeland. His ancestral onsen was taken from him and given Sakuna’s daughter, Mina, who uses it to help her father raise funds. Asano vows to get revenge by ruining the onsen.

When Mina takes over the onsen, she unwittingly releases four oni who were trapped in an ancient sagemono. The grateful oni will protect Mina and thwart Asano, who ends up becoming a target for their pent-up lust.

According to legend, the only way an oni can fully exit the onsen is by getting a member of the original family to fall in love with him. The oni take the word ‘love’ on the ancient scroll to mean something more physical…

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Asano has returned to his stolen onsen under a false name and with a mission to destroy it! He doesn’t know oni are trapped in each of the four private spas. They’re not about to let this distraught ronin devastate their home!

When they learn Asano is actually a member of the family-line owning the onsen, and that he’s the only one who can break the curse for them, things get really interesting!

The curse scroll says the oni must ‘get love’ from a member of the Hayashi family to break the curse. That means sex, and Asano’s the last of the Hayashi clan!

Asano’s been through a lot…maybe a sexy diversion is just what he needs?

  • Five Different Game Routes!
  • An Optional Poly-Positive Harem Route – Date All Four Oni at Once While They Also Date Each Other!
  • Over 25 Hours of Game Play!
  • Includes Oni/Human, Oni/Oni, and Human/Human Scene(s)!
  • An Original Traditional Japanese Themed Sound Track!
  • A Minimum of 30 Beautifully Painted Images, With Numerous Variations!
  • A Fun, Dramatic, Quirky, and Anime-ish Story!
  • Three Love Stories per Route! Side Characters Mina and Sakuna Date the Oni Too!
  • Four Sakuna/Oni Sex Scenes!  And Four Mina/Oni kiss scenes!
  • Six Oni/Oni Sex Scenes!
  • Multiple Fivesomes! Including one in the Demo!
  • 15 Different Endings!
  • Over 20 Beautifully Painted Backgrounds by Dany&Dany!

Stretch Goals may be added to the game after the game launches.

  • $90,000 – After Credit Scenes!  
  • $100,000 – An Oni/Asano/Oni Threesome!
  • $115,000 – An Oni/Oni/Oni Threesome!
  • $135,000 – Mina Gets One Naughty Scene Per Oni!  Four total!
  • $150,000 – An Oni/Sakuna/Oni Threesome!
  • $175,000 – Play the Game as Sakuna!
  •  $200,000 – Full Voice Acting!  

A 100% Minority and 90% LGBTQIA+ Team!

  • Writer Yamila Abraham
  • Key Artist SunkeyTail
  • Programmer Nautilus
  • Graphic Design by Anna Hideyuki
  • Music by Yamila Abraham
  • Background Art by Dany&Dany
  • Game Trailer by Studio Kosen
  • The Council of Wise Gays as Consultants (Details in the #Council Channel of our Discord)

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