Dear Monster Demo Available!

Our new game, Dear Monster, is available for wishlist on Steam! And while this sexy game is not out, you can enjoy the demo available on Itch.io and Steam!!

Also, our Dear Monster Kickstarter will be available for support in April 2022, so click “Remind me” to let you know when the campaign is active. ? 

Help Captain Crush!

Our beloved Captain Christmas- I mean, Captain Crush needs your help! He doesn’t look good at all, but something should help him get better at Mister Versatile’s hideout.

He may not hold for a long time, so Hurry up!

Dig up the treasure

They say that in a world like Secren, there’s nothing but chaos. But can Demetri discover something completely different beneath all that dust? Perhaps there is something more precious than being able to survive in that place. Find out on his journey!

Support us!

Support us on Patreon! Our new Kickstarter is almost in sight, but it still helps with becoming a Patron. Don’t miss out on receiving physical and digital rewards from our games!

Demons everywhere!

Would you risk living in quarantine with several seduction demons? Maybe it sounds risky but what would you do in this situation? They sure aren’t chatty, but who knows what might happen? Travel to the lab and find out!

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