We’re almost at the stretch goal!

If you’re interested in a romance with an orc, don’t miss the opportunity to meet Slagathor! Our dear mansion cook is wishing someone by his side, and we’re almost reaching $75,000 goal for his romance!!

We’re just days away from the end of Dear Monster’s Kickstarter and a little help won’t hurt, right? Kiss the orc, get desired bites and who knows what else? ūüėŹ

Visit our Kickstarter here!

What do we have to achieve in Stretch goals?

  • A¬†new route¬†with our dear orc¬†Slagathor!
  • We also have the option of full¬†voice acting!¬†Who doesn’t want to hear their favorite character speak?

You can visit our kickstarter here and also play the demo available on Itch.io and Steam! Remember that your donation will give you exclusive benefits only for Kickstarter supporters!

Support the artist Jouvru on Twitter!

Follow us on Tiktok and Join us on Discord!

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