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The Kickstarter is Almost Over!

Please don’t miss your chance to support us!

Morningdew Farms will sell for $25 on Steam.  If you pay $25 on the Kickstarter, you’ll get the game AND get your name in the credits!  And since we ALWAYS deliver our games on time you know you can trust us!


Please won’t you support us?  By supporting our Kickstarter you’ll help us reach stretch goals that will make the game even more awesome!  Don’t wait and miss out–support the Kickstarter here:

Help Us Make Morningdew Farms Amazing!


Have you seen our Kickstarter?  We’re nearly to goal with weeks to spare! WOOOOOO!

Jeb celebrates our progress

Jeb celebrates our progress
The art work for Morningdew Farms is nearly complete and we’re hashing out a few things on the script. (Seriously, we’re working our butts off while the Kickstarter is going–hopefully we can get the game out way early!)
Now we need your help. Many of you have given us amazing feedback that we’re taking to heart, such as:
  • Change Sissy’s last name from McSisface to something else.
  • Give a nicer option when dealing with Nuzzler besides Spawn of Satan and Bloodsucking Werewolf.
What else can we do to improve the demo? Was there anything that bothered you while you were playing that we can work on?
Comment and let us know!
As for the rest of the game, give us input on that also. Would you prefer straight forward routes with the man you choose without too many options? Or would you like a real challenge to be able to get a happy ending?
This is your chance to have real input on the structure of the game. COMMENT!!
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