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Patch for Additional Sentimental Trickster Content

Grab Sentimental Trickster on Steam or Itch.

Some mature content was removed from the final version of Sentimental Trickster on Itch and Steam. This content is NSFW. To restore this content, use the patch below.

To unlock all the remaining content for Sentimental Trickster please download the file below:

UPDATE: This patch was updated on June 8th, 2021 to include the scene from the Jin route. Please reinstall it to unlock all the scenes including the Jin route.

To Install for Steam:

Drop the file into [Location on Your Computer]\SentimentalTrickster-1.0-market\game.

To find this location, open your Steam Client, right-click Sentimental Trickster in your library, click Properties, then click Local Files. Just drag the file into the “game” folder.

To Install for Itch:

Make sure you extract or unzip the game folder before installing the patch.

Drop the file into [Location on Your Computer]\SentimentalTrickster-1.0-win for windows, [Location on Your Computer]\SentimentalTrickster-1.0-mac for Mac, and [Location on Your Computer]\SentimentalTrickster-1.0-linux for Linux.

If you can’t find where the Sentimental Trickster files are on your computer, do a search for SentimentalTrickster. Then just drag the file into your “game” folder.

Sentimental Trickster

Hi Everyone!

Back in July of 2019 we agreed to help developer Lovenuts complete their game Sentimental Trickster, so they could finally deliver rewards to the backers of their Kickstarter.

We now have all the materials we need from Lovenuts to get the game finished! We’re hoping to have it released by February or March of 2021!

18+ visual novel with 4+ partners, 12+ endings and a LOT of choices. Find the guy and discover something about yourself along the way!

Please join our Discord here to get all the updates as we finish work on this game!

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