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We Are Funded!

To Trust an Incubus Yaoi/Bara Kickstarter is Funded!!  Thanks so much everyone!  Read the update here:

Vald Stripped!

Read this Kickstarter Update Here We got 200 Followers on the Y Press Games Twitter! WHOOOO! That means the goal is halfway complete and Vald had to show some skin! (You should see him from behind!) That last little scrap comes off after we get 62 more retweets of […]

Looking for Thunderclappers!!

Well…we don’t know if this is going to work, but we had to try, right? Will you help support our Thunderclap for the To Trust an Incubus Yaoi Game Kickstarter? The clap will go out on March 20, right when we’ll be slowing down.  We could use […]