Vampire Slave Kickstarter

Next month, we will make Kickstarter available for one of our newest projects at the moment: Vampire Slave! We’d love your future support, so click in “Remind me” button for to find out when release!

About the game: Dusty is the next in line to lead the Vampire Hunting organization Jagerin, that’s why he decided to go to the university owned by the world’s oldest vampire, Thalos. While hoping to learn more about his mortal enemy, he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and is mistaken for the man Thalos was going to take as his next familiar. 

Now Dusty is under Thalos’ power, but his mother has been killed by the notorious vampire Johann and it’s his turn to lead Jagerin.

To avenge his mother, Dusty has no choice but to join forces with Thalos.  He’s not ready to run Jagerin or to face Johann.  Dusty needs Thalos’ help, and will try not to end up in bed with his ‘master’ in the process.

Alpha Hole Prison

Alpha Hole Prison is planned to launch this month! It doesn’t have a set date yet, but add the game to your wish list to receive notification on Steam. Don’t let Miguel waiting! 

You can play the Demo available there too!

Visiting the Vineyard

On one of his explorations in the new city, Cody met Sanjay, a man with a refined taste and passionate about wine. Would a man like Sanjay fall in love with someone like Cody? Only you will find out at Morningdew Farms!

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New development

Y Press Games has taken over the Development of Dear Monster! We’ve partnered with Lovenuts and artist Jouvru to take over the development of Dear Monster!

You can know all the news on Discord server, but we’ll update all the important news here, so stay tune! 

Jin’s route

Jin’s route will be available this month. We don’t have a release date so stay tuned for news on our social medias! In the meantime, get ready by playing the other three routes available on Steam!

Wizard journey

Join Tristan’s journey to become a great wizard! The only way to achieve your powers is through your demon mentor. Make your choices in My Magical Demon Lover!

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Yaois from 90s are like:

Almost there!

Sawyer route is almost done! It can be launched by the end of this month, but you can access the other three routes available here!

Demetri needs your help to survive in that chaotic world called Secren. Be strong and face the dangers there!

Beware of Lascivion!

Mister Versatile needs help to save Chihuahua and Jake from Lascivion’s tentacles. Hurry up, before something bad happens! Help him out here.

Seduction power

Saji is using all of his powers to seduce Kenta. You can decide whether to fall into temptation or visit other hot demons. Find out the other secrets on the lab!

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Last but not least…

Secren awaits!

The Sawyer route is almost done! Expect this final route of the game, and the gallery, to be added before the end of the month! This means all four sexy routes of Maelstrom will unlocked for everyone! Check it out here!

The perfect guy

Among all of Haru’s roommates, there’s Kanae, a calm and attentive man who appears to have stepped out of a hero role in a shoujo manga. 

but that doesn’t stop them from having a good friendship…until Kuro learns his true personality? Find out more at Sentimental Trickster!

Relaxing on the farm

Sometimes you have to relax far from urban life. Join Cody in a neighborhood full of hot guys while he lives on his farm in Morningdew Farms!

Explore everywhere, but don’t forget to water the plants!

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Secret calls

As soon as he arrives at his new home, Haru appears to have someone who hates him: Shirya, a mysterious guy who receives several secret calls during the night.

Is he hiding something? Could his hatred turn into another feeling? Find out more on Steam!

Compatible Mates

In a world where you need to be strong to survive, Demetri was exiled, leaving the earth behind. He doesn’t want a boyfriend…or does he? Decide who will protect you on his journey in the world of Secren on Steam!

Need a mentor

To become a wizard Tristan must partner with a powerful demon. Which one will win his heart? Decide for yourself in My Magical Demon Lover!

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Anime: Fudanshi Kouko Seikatsu

Maelstrom Now Available on Steam And Itch

Based on the Novel series by Yamila Abraham, Maelstrom is about the Earthling Demetri who was exiled to the dangerous planet.  He must find a protection from a strong man to survive.

With three initial love interests, and a fourth coming soon you can grab Maelstron on Itch or on Steam.

New Beginning

It’s not easy for Haru to start his life over to forget something that torments him. Even so, he decided to move to another place, where he will be surrounded by sereval men.

Maybe he doesn’t fall in love for anyone… Or maybe he does? It’s your choice! Find out more on Steam.

Give me a Hand

Mister Versatile needs to relax for a bit, but when you’re surrounded by hot guys, it’s very hard to choose who’s the one that will fill your desires. Maybe you can decide for him? See the options available and have fun!

Too strong

The power of a demon is much stronger than we can imagine, and Kenta feels it under his skin. Can he resist Harsi’s seductive power? You decide on To Trust an Incubus!

I don’t know about you, but i didn’t even try to resist… 😏

Maelstrom gifts

Maelstrom is coming this week, and you can gain some rewards on our Patreon!

You can get any perks starting at $15 a month, but don’t worry! If you don’t want anything from this game, we have other rewards as well. Open the link to know more!

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Tricking your heart

Great news! The Jin route of Sentimental Trickster is getting finished ahead of schedule! Now you’ll have the entire game in April!

We released the game with only 3 routes done to give the developer time to finish the fourth. She had until 2022 to finish everything…and she’s already done! Now we just have to do our part, and the game will be complete!

Have you gotten your copy yet? Grab it here on Steam. It’s getting great reviews! We’re incredibly proud of this sexy yaoi game!

Life in the farm

Relax in a place where there is no urban city, no rats in the sewer and noises of car everywhere. You need to meet the world of Morningdew Farms!

There, you can find a calm and peaceful place, where several hot guys live, and some of them have their secrets. Be careful! The forest has a surprise… 👀

Sexy sidekick

Mister Versatile is a lonely wolf – or at least he’s trying. Chihuahua wants to work with him, but the ‘lonely wolf’ barrier is too big to overcome. Maybe Mister Versatile will change his mind? You decide! Play right now on Steam!

Nice rewards

Everyone loves some gifts about their favorite stuff, and our Patreon gives you the chance to gain several rewards about our games! Your support will give future gifts like pins, mousepads, even your name on the credits!

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Finally arrived!

Sentimental Trickster is finally available on Steam. You can make your own choices, but be careful with the consequences!

About the game: Haru Amari wasn’t looking for love, just a new beginning far from his past. Instead he finds himself in complicated relationships where he must decide between his needs and those of the men around him.

Will he overcome challenges and change into a better person? Or will he ruin his new world just as badly as the one he left behind?

Prepare yourself

If you want some action, Mister Versatile will bring this to you, but you need to know that more danger are in the way with a future DLC about MV and Lascivion. Prepare yourself against the evil around that city on Steam!

Dangerous prison

Miguel needs your help to find his space protector in that dangerous prison, and you can help him a little playing the Alpha Hole Prison demo! The game is not finished yet, but it’s getting closer. See the options and pick the best one for you!

Future gifts

Come to our Patreon! By joining our Patreon, you will receive several benefits while helping us on the platform. You can support us with a minimum of $ 5 per month, but we also have other levels. Any help will be appreciated!

Our fujodanshi soul

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Sentimental Trickster

Grab Sentimental Trickster on Steam or Itch.

Update March 4, 2022

Unfortunately we are not able to support an adult patch for this game due to vendor TOS. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A Super Cute Game Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone, my friend has a really cute Idol Otome game with a failing Kickstarter.  Please check it out and see if you can help!  There’s almost no time left.  We want to see this game get made! 

Comedy, hot guys, cute girls, romance, friendship, and idols. What more could you ask for?

ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT! Please support if you can.  If you can’t, could you please retweet this tweet?

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This beautiful game deserves to be made!

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