Hardcore Cruising Kickstarter!

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All aboard the HMS Size Queen! New crewman Milo Barre has started work on his first cruise. He always dreamed of working for this illustrious cruise line, but his big brother bullied him by saying he wasn’t slutty enough to make it.  

Can Milo prove him wrong and be the sluttiest cabin boy on the ship? His lifelong dream is on the line!

Hardcore Cruising is about a sci-fi gay sex ship that cruises the seas as well as the heavens.  The crew have normal jobs you’d see on any cruise ship, but are also enthusiastic sex workers there to make the guests naughtiest dreams come true.  Join Milo on his first cruise where he proves his worth and falls in love with one or two of his shipmates.  

Featuring numerous fully animated sex scenes, polyamorous or monogamous options in every route, and loads of sex between the crew and with the guests, Hardcore Cruising will take you away on an erotic voyage you’ll never forget!

Play the Demo Game Here!


He’s as green as they come, and it’s not from sea-sickness. Milo needs to learn the ropes fast so he can be the sluttiest cabin-boy possible! Will he have a chance for love and adventure too?

This seasoned space explorer has taken a break from his science vessel for something more fun. Maybe he can finally find a husband to explore the universe with?

This sage bartender has seen it all, and can teach Milo what he needs to know with kindness and patience.  Having tentacles for hair adds to his appeal too!

Xellect is a perfectionist chef who’s as high-strung as they come.  Maybe Milo can help teach him how to relax and enjoy the voyage?  What’s got this guy so nervous? 

Harse is part of a work-release program from space prison.  What crime did he commit to get life locked up?  Can Milo find a crack in this tough criminal’s  exterior?

Guest Starring

Plumbottom is too busy being the ship’s entertainment coordinator to be a possible love interest, but he’ll be a great help to Milo all the same.

Why is the ship’s doctor so creepy?  And what’s this magical treatment he’s doing to everyone’s butts?


  • Four Sexy Routes!
  • Poly or Monogamous Romance Options in Each Route!
  • Numerous Fully Animated Crew Sex Scenes and Static Guest Scenes
  • Sex with Crewmembers and Guests
  • An Original Disco Music Soundtrack!
  • Sex with Unique Humanoid and Non-Humanoid Aliens!
  • Sex Positive Gay Erotic Fun!

Press Ctrl-V to turn on the Text to Speech Option and have all game text read out loud!

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Please support our Kickstarter so we can make this game!

Hardcore Cruising Kickstarter Cometh!

All aboard the HMS Flaming Star! New crewman Milo Barre has started work on his first cruise. He always dreamed of working for this illustrious cruise line, but his big brother bullied him by saying he wasn’t slutty enough to make it.

Can Milo prove him wrong and be the sluttiest cabin boy on the ship? His lifelong dream is on the line! Play the fully animated demo game here!

Vampire Slave Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Vampire Slave is now available for purchase! You can follow the Dusty and Thalos storyline here.

You didn’t play the first episode? Do not worry! You can see the beginning of the romance journey between a hunter and a vampire completely for free here!

About the facts…

What if Mister Versatile’s characters really did exist? This perfect meme was created by @zeyneb_the_simp and you must agree. Or not? Well, make your own conclusions by visiting the criminal world full of heroes and villains in Mister Versatile!

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Easter Eggs!

Who will this mysterious character be in the middle of such a hot scene with Viz-Goth and Verataz? Find out for yourself in the cell!

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Worthwhile Sacrifices

What would you do to become a great wizard? Would you give your body and your love in exchange for learning magic? It can be a difficult task, but Tristan needs your help to make a decision. Help him choose his mentor with Percival here!

Peculiar Taste

Sometimes we want something different, and even Mister Versatile doesn’t escape. Sometimes we must surrender to our enemies and appreciate what they have to offer, right? Discover all that Lascivion has to offer here! But beware of lust, it can kill.

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Discover the completely free Alpha Hole Prison DLC available right now! It shows Rin-Timber’s full perspective inside that dangerous prison. You can access it from here. Stay tuned for upcoming DLCs!

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I need a Hero

What would you do if you were in a different and hostile world? Secren is a very difficult place to face alone, and on this journey you will need someone by your side. Find someone to protect you from that chaotic world right now!

Demons Ahead!

Kenta lives around a lot of sexy demons and we need to agree that it’s hard to pick just one. Decide for yourself by breaking into the lab! I know it’s hard to choose, but come on, you have to decide!

Credit: Yaoimemes

Join our Harem

Who doesn’t dream of being in a place full of hot guys, right? Haru is lucky to be able to share a house with breathtaking people, and you can feel it on your shoes right now in Sentimental Trickster!

Good luck picking one of them. It’s a tough choice. 

Wash your crops

Living on a farm all alone is a difficult task, but sometimes it’s good to walk around and make new friends (or lovers). Cody’s sister advised him to venture out into the neighborhood, especially at the house bath.

But don’t worry, I’ll give you a map so you don’t get lost. Take it here and have fun!

Sink or swim

Help Mister Versatile protect Jake from Lascivion! He’s isolated in the lab and Syd can’t help our sexy superhero, so all you have to do is help him! Or you can help your enemy completely dominate the situation. Which do you prefer? Find out here!

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Thank you!!

Thank you so much everyone!  We made it!  I didn’t think we would, but thanks to all of you, we got over the finish line with a few hundred to spare!

You know I had given up hope, but we pulled through in the end.  Now let’s make this the best game ever!

Look forward to Chapter 2 later this month, Chapter 3 next month, and the final chapter in October or sooner.  

Thanks so much everyone!!!  FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED!!!

Visit the laboratory

Sometimes we need someone to keep us company in lonely times. Nothing better than your company being a super sexy devil! Kenta can accompany you in your search for the best option through the lab, so hurry up and visit it here!

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Alpha Hole Prison awaits you

It’s been a while since we’ve had new prisoners in Alpha Hole Prison. How about you infiltrate? You’ll definitely need someone to protect you in that dangerous place, so choose well. See the options here!

Compatible Mate

Demetri arrived in Secren and found himself compatible with some of its residents. Which do you think suits him perfectly? You can find out more closely and tell me on our social networks! I’ll love to know. 🤭

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Kickstarter is running out!

It’s only two days until our Kickstarter comes to an end and we still need your help! Time is running out and our project could fail and we don’t want that to happen. For you to give us full support in the project and learn a little about its magnificent history, visit our Kickstarter! 

We are counting on you to help us reach the goal on time! 

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We May Give Up on the Kickstarter

Hi Everyone,

Yamila here. We’re running a Kickstarter for our kinetic yaoi visual novel game Vampire Slave and it’s looking pretty grim right now. We have only 8 days left and still need close to $4,000. http://kck.st/35KdE2y

This one might be a failure for us. I am making a last final push today. If you can support us, or help spread the word, we’d really appreciate it. You can back the Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/35KdE2y

If you can’t support us financially, please help spread the word:

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If we don’t make our goal I will not be relaunching the Kickstarter. We have the art for chapter 2 done, and will put out a chapter a year until the game is complete. It will basically be put on the backburner.

We won’t put out anymore yaoi games after this one if we can’t at least get funded. Yaoi is my passion, almost as much as bara, but unfortunately, they are not winners for Y Press Games. I need to consider our employees and the long term future of the company. This Kickstarter may be a sign that we need to forget about yaoi games for the future.


We only have a week to reach the current goal, but it seems to be a little complicated to get there. We need your full support right now to get even close to our current goal! Could you please help us out?

Explore this forbidden romance between hunter and vampire, see the trailer and support rewards by clicking here! I know you will not regret delving into this story.

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Our Kickstarter needs help!

We are not far from the end of the Vampire Slave Kickstarter and we still have a long way to go to reach the desired goal. We need your help as much as possible to be able to give you the best experience!

You can learn all about the game’s history, rewards and more by accessing our Kickstarter. Don’t waste time and discover the story of Dusty and Thalos!

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