To Trust an Incubus

To Trust an Incubus – November 23, 2018

We have a release date and a coming soon page on Steam!  To Trust an Incubus is LIVE on November 23rd!

Digital rewards for Kickstarter and Coffee backers will be coming your way in the next weeks, including Steam codes for your copy of the game.  These codes will unlock the game on November 23rd.

We’re so excited to finally have a release date!  And we need to tell you about something special we’re doing.  Check out our press release below:

(tl;dr To Trust an Incubus will be censored, but people from most countries can use a DLC patch on Steam to turn off the censoring.  Everyone else will be able to get the patch from the Y Press Games web site.)

You’re welcome to share this press release and the images shown/linked anywhere you want.  Help us spread the word!!

Gay Adult Steam Game Tries to Avoid Ban

Las Cruces, NM – To Trust an Incubus, a gay muscle or “bara” adult game published by Y Press Games, proposes a clever method to avoid the ban seen by Steams first adult game in 28 countries.

The explicitly sexual To Trust an Incubus game will have a censored release on Steam, with a free patch to remove the censoring offered as downloadable content (DLC) on the same platform.

The patch is region locked, so it will not be made available to the 28 countries that banned Negligee: Love Stories. All other countries, the US and UK included, will be able to remove censoring with the patch in the DLC section of the Steam listing. The patch will also be made available on Y Press Games’ web site.

To Trust an Incubus uses a unique censoring method which may entice players to play the censored version prior to using the patch. Chibi “stickers” are placed over explicit content.

Non-Explicit Example:

Explicit Example:

An art book is also offered without censoring as DLC and is similarly region locked in the 28 countries banning adult Steam games.

“Our Kickstarter showed us we have a lot of customers in Australia and Germany,” said Ryan Ipso, Y Press Games’ media liaison. “We don’t want to be banned in those countries. If this doesn’t work, it was still worth the attempt.”

To Trust an Incubus is a sci-fi visual novel featuring the character Kenta, who is trapped in a lab with four muscular incubi from another dimension. With over 150,000 words, 35 endings, 50 Steam Achievements, full voice acting, 3 mini-games, and over 200 CGs, it’s Y Press Games’ largest offering to date.

To Trust an Incubus will be available on Steam November 23rd, 2018. Y Press Games’ first game, My Magical Demon Lover, was released on Steam in October 2018 after a prior release on Itch in May of 2018 in order to deliver crowd-funding rewards on time. About Y Press Games Y Press Games is a visual novel publisher focused on yaoi, bara, horror, and otome games.

To Trust an Incubus
Genre: Visual Novel
Length: 150,000 Words
CGs: 200 CGs, 9 Backgrounds, 7×300 Sprites
Rating: Adults Only
Release Date: November 23, 2018

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  1. Im so Happy!!! I can’t wait to play the full game! Good job, guys. You’re AMAZING!! ?