Easter Eggs!

Who will this mysterious character be in the middle of such a hot scene with Viz-Goth and Verataz? Find out for yourself in the cell!

Don’t forget about the free DLCs now available for Alpha Hole Prison! You can access it through the menu, through the additional contents tab. 

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Worthwhile Sacrifices

What would you do to become a great wizard? Would you give your body and your love in exchange for learning magic? It can be a difficult task, but Tristan needs your help to make a decision. Help him choose his mentor with Percival here!

Peculiar Taste

Sometimes we want something different, and even Mister Versatile doesn’t escape. Sometimes we must surrender to our enemies and appreciate what they have to offer, right? Discover all that Lascivion has to offer here! But beware of lust, it can kill.

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