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To Trust an Incubus is Live!

    [wpvideo lIhkqThh] We.  Are.  Live. It’s here, people.  At LONG LAST — To Trust an Incubus is Live! Have you played the demo yet?  This is ADULTS ONLY and NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!  This demo gives you four routes of incredible, SEXY game play for free!  There is graphic […]

Thanks Backers!

My Magical Demon lover exceeded it’s $5000 goal!  Thanks to everyone who helped us achieve funding for this game!  We are hard at work on the first alpha version for people to test.  It should be ready in March!

To Trust an Incubus Demo

This graphic demo is for Adults Only – Not Safe For Work! Please support our Kickstarter! Download for your PC, Mac, Android, or Linux!   This is the NEW DEMO from March 9th 2018.  For Mac, Windows, and Linux you need to unzip the folder, open the folder, […]

My Magical Demon Lover DEMO GAME!

Please Support Our IndieGoGo! Download for your PC, Mac, Android, or Linux! Choose below: Windows Mac Android Linux The demo for our other game, To Trust an Incubus, comes out February 2018! Sign up for our newsletter to hear about it and all our yaoi, bara, horror, […]