Alpha Hole Prison is HERE!!!!

After 3 long years, tens of thousands of dollars, and the great work of our team–Alpha Hole Prison is finally released on Steam and Itch.io!!!

Alpha Hole Prison was the largest, most ambitious project Y Press Games ever embarked on. It was also the most expensive. There was no way we could have funded this project without your help. THANK YOU!!! We mean this from the bottom of our exhausted hearts!

Now we move on to the next stage of the development process: The launch.

We can say without any exaggeration that the future of Y Press Games depends on the success of this game. We labored over this one for almost three years and spent close to $90,000 on art, programming, testing, music, and game assets.

We made a bet that if we put the time and care into making an incredible large game that spoke to our souls that it would pay off for us. Now we’re biting our nails, hoping we made the right decision!

There will be a few bugs in a game this big–but we’re standing by to fix them. If you can forgive a few early launch glitches, please review us favorably. We want to be able to continue to make more awesome games in the future for you.

Hostile ahead

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