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Hi everyone!

We’re at the hump of the Kickstarter bell curve right now.  Things have slowed down drastically, as they always do in the middle of a campaign.  This is understandable, but still not great when we have so many stretch goals to uncover.

One way to get back on track is for you to take part in our Thunderclap.  Many of you have already signed up to clap us.  Thank you so much!!  If you haven’t signed up, I hope you’ll consider helping out.

Thunderclap is an app that gets people to agree to tweet, post on Facebook, post on a Facebook Page, or post on Tumblr about our campaign.  We’ve been taking sign-ups for weeks and on March 20th a huge clap will go out all at once, telling people about the Kickstarter.

Please go to this link:

Then click the buttons to promote us on your Facebooks, Twitter, and Tumblrs.  Please do every Facebook Page, Facebook account, Twitter, and Tumblr that you can!

When you do, this message and this image will appear on your accounts, helping to promote us!

“To Trust an Incubus – a Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel! Play the demo and support our Kickstarter. 18+ Sci-Fi Gay PC Game!!!”

We put a shirt on Vald to make sure the censors don't accidentally block us
We put a shirt on Vald to make sure the censors don’t accidentally block us

Of course, don’t participate if posting about an adult gay game will cause trouble for you!  But if you’re free to post whatever you want, we’d really appreciate your support–and that’s to everyone who signed up to support us already!!

Upcoming: To Trust an Incubus

Fresh Baked Cookies

To Trust an Incubus is an upcoming yaoi/bara visual-novel created by Yamila Abraham of Y Press Games. It has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter, even though there are still 40+ days to go. I knew it, though. So, the set-up is that you play as Kenta, a young man who is just starting to work at a scientific research facility run by a Prof. Raiden. There – while in a quarantine – he’s meant to care for 4 “aliens”, who, apparently, are incubi. They are Devi, Harsi, Saji and Vald. According to the game’s page, not only can Kenta “date” them, but it seems it might be possible for there to be some action between the side characters and the incubi and among the aliens themselves. I’m not really a fan of such a mechanic, but whaddaya gonna do. I mean, I don’t…

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Vald Stripped!


Read this Kickstarter Update Here

We got 200 Followers on the Y Press Games Twitter! WHOOOO! That means the goal is halfway complete and Vald had to show some skin! (You should see him from behind!) That last little scrap comes off after we get 62 more retweets of this tweet: Thanks to everyone helping us meet our social media goals!  Here’s what we have left:

Get Harsi the rest of the way naked by giving us 73 more shares of this Facebook Post:

Give us 102 more followers on our Tumblr to get Saji half nekkid!

Then reblog this post 66 more times to get him the rest of the way there!

Give us 89 more followers on our Instagram to get Devi naked! thought you could ‘regram’ posts on Instagram…but I guess not?  So let’s just get those followers and we’ll strip Devi down.  He literally can not wait to show his ENORMOUS chibi peen!