Morningdew Farms: A Gay Farming Games Kickstarter!

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Sweet southern boy Cody always dreamed of living off the land.  Now he’s inherited his granddaddy’s old farm and can begin a wonderful new life in the village of Morningdew–a notorious Gayborhood!

Cody will need to work hard to earn money.  Once he has enough cash he can upgrade his house and marry one of Morningdew’s hot bachelors.  In the meantime he’ll be getting to know his neighbors, REALLY WELL, and will find the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


Part farming game, part gay ‘adults-only’ visual novel, Morningdew Farms has everything for gay romance lovers and farm game enthusiasts!
You’ll plant, harvest, raise livestock, sell goods, and earn money so you can advance through the romantic goals of the game.
Let’s face it, your run-down shack isn’t a proper home to start a marriage in.  Furnish the place and renovate, then you’ll be in the perfect position to land a husband.
With seven bachelors, including a possible threesome marriage option, you’ll have dozens of scenes with potential husbands.  Eventually you’ll pick the man you want to go exclusive with.  See if you can charm him so he wants to stay with you forever!
This hardcore adult game comes from the makers of To Trust an Incubus, so you know it will deliver the goods!

Speaking of Delivering the Goods:

Y Press Games always ships crowdfunding rewards in full and ON TIME! 
Our great reputation means you can trust us to always keep our promises. (See more about that in the Risks and Challenges section way down below.)

Click Here To Go to our Kickstarter to Play the Demo Game and Support us!!

Morningdew Farms – Demo Review

Thanks Mistress of Yaoi!

Yaoi Playground

Y Press Games the lovely people behind To Trust an Incubus, have just launched a Kickstarter for there upcoming title Morningdew Farms and earlier this week I got a sneak peak at the demo for this upcoming title and can I just say I had such a blast playing through the demo!

In this visual novel you play as Cody a young man who has just moved into his families old abandon farm right next door to his sister’s farm and the best part for him about moving to the farm? The town of Morningdew is filled with many different bachelors that Cody will have the chance to woo. In my play through of the Demo I got to meet three of these bachelors. A doomsday prepper obsessed store owner named Butch, a man with a mysterious and dangerous past named Rusty and an adorable wolf man named Nuzzler! Yep…

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Cannibal Lottery Press Kit

Welcome to the Cannibal Lottery Press page.  Here you should find any info you might need to post articles or get more informed about Cannibal Lottery.  If you need any additional information, let us know and we’ll make it available.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Y Press Games; Based in New Mexico
  • Release Date: August 28th, 2019
  • Platforms: Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Website: Cannibal Lottery
  • Price: USD 19.99
  • Availability: Digital Download
  • Languages: English
  • Rating: Mature
  • File Size: 2.5gb
  • Press Contact:
  • SocialKickstarterTwitterFacebook, TumblrYouTube


Govern a planetary settlement dependent carnivorous aliens for survival. Hold Cannibal Lotteries to decide which of your people will feed your benefactors. Should you sacrifice the sick, the elderly, criminals–or should every life be at risk?

Get it right or your people will revolt and you’ll be the one on the cannibals’ table!  A political dystopian visual novel!


  • Every Choice Effects a Stat or a Flag
  • Full of Twists that Will Make Your Jaw Drop
  • 15 Chapters and 3 Bonus Chapters to Unlock
  • Puzzles, After Death Scenes, Dynamic Effects
  • 150,000 words, Hundreds of Images
  • 50+ Steam Achievements, Dozens of Endings
  • An Original Sound Track

Full voice acting is a stretch goal in the Kickstarter!

About Us

Y Press Games is a visual novel developer focusing on romance and horror visual novels.  Cannibal Lottery will be the third game completed since the company’s launch in September 2017.

Cannibal Lottery is written by author Yamila Abraham with artwork by Chilean artist MJ Barros.

Press Release


Y Press Games

Feeding Your Cannibal Buddies in New Dystopian VN

Las Cruces, NM, January 15, 2019 – Cannibal Lottery is a computer game where a planetary settlement is dependent carnivorous aliens for survival.

You play as the governor who holds lotteries to decide which of your people will feed your benefactors. Should you sacrifice the sick, the elderly, criminals–or should every life be at risk?

In the first chapter of the game the horrible options available to you might get your eyeball eaten, your finger bitten off, or have your breast milk forcefully taken out of you.  Chapter two holds even worse possibilities.

You can play these first two chapters in the demo game currently available at the Kickstarter:

Y Press Games, a visual novel game developer, is seeking funding to release the Cannibal Lottery game.

Cannibal Lottery

Genre:  Visual Novel
Length:  150,000 Words
CGs:  100 CGs
Rating:  Mature

# # #


cover - copy

Right click tiles to open in a new window for the full sized images.

Logos and Banners

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YouTubers Get in on Cannibal Lottery!

Hi Everyone!

We’re still looking for supports for our awesome horror visual novel Kickstarter!  Please go here to play the demo, check out the trailer, and support one super unique, original, and fun game!

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery!

We have two YouTube Let’s Plays I’d like to share with you! The interesting thing: They both picked the same choices: Ask Crieghton for permission to cancel the lottery.
Did you pick that choice in the demo, too? Well, I’m going to warn you: picking the path of the least resistance is not going to work out! Trusting Crieghton will be fraught with difficulty. The question is: Can you deal with the fall out of such a dangerous alliance?
Check out these nifty let’s plays of the Cannibal Lottery demo!
This second Let’s Play gets into Chapter 2!
Did you guys know that your choices in Chapter 2 change depending on what you picked in Chapter 1? This will happen a lot in the game! To get all the Steam Achievements you’ll have to knock down all the dominoes of a certain choice series!
We’re busily continuing work on the game. This week we illustrated an animation you’ll see in Chapter 5…of someone hopping on one leg? But why? And who? The answer is a major shocker in the game!! (Seriously, it knocked our editor for a loop!)
We’re super excited for this game! In fact…we’re even discussing a sequel featuring Ednea! We’re going to pull out all the stops to make this game amazing so it can be a franchise.
Or not…we’re not going to count our chickens before they’re hatched! Please help us by supporting our crowdfunding.  Even a small donation would help!

Please support our Kickstarter or Indiegogo for Cannibal Lottery

Do you have any advice on where we can spread the word about Cannibal Lottery? We’re all ears! We’re a little scared of promoting to hardcore horror/cannibal groups, but we’re a little freaky too…so…maybe?

Comment below with your thoughts!!

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