Awesome YouTuber!

Check out this hilarious video!  And don’t forget to support Mister Versatile. We’re still not funded!

Mister Versatile Kickstarter is Live!

[wpvideo ePpFav72] Mister Versatile will have text in both English and Spanish with the voice acting in English! Mister Versatile tendrá voces en inglés. Y subtítulos en inglés y español. Mister Versatile is an Adults Only Gay Visual Novel Featuring: Mister Versatile es una Visual Novel Gay solo para […]

Angel Tier Open Again

You can still be an angel on the Gods of Love Kickstarter!  Play the demo and check it out here: Yeah, we had a custom tier backer cancel at the worst possible time.  It seems the universe is against us getting our Kickstarter funded.  It will be such […]


Please don’t let our gorgeous otome game fail!  We need your help to make this game! Thalia’s magical powers were a secret until one of the gods found out about them.  Now all four gods of Sendicry have taken an interest in her. As the sole guardian […]