Meet Zheng-Li

The Maelstrom demo is available, and if you haven’t played already just do it! You can explore Demetri adventures in this new world, and know more about Zheng Li, one of the romanceable characters! You can check out here. About him: Zheng Li is the reason Secren is such a terrible […]

Happy new year!

Y Press Games wishes you a happy new year! I know that 2020 was a difficult year, but cheers to all of you, and we hope this year will be better!  But I know one thing: Nothing is more better than start a new year with a wonderful […]

Maelstrom demo available

We are making available a playable demo of Maelstrom, a game that is in production, based on a novel series that sold more than 38,000 copies, written by Yamila Abraham. You can find the Demo here! About the Game: Disgraced soldier Demetri is exiled to Secren, a dangerous world devoid […]

Play the Maelstrom Demo Game!

Hey Everyone! The Maelstrom demo is live. So if you’re here for the yaoi stuff, go over to Itch and check it out! Disgraced soldier Demetri is exiled to Secren, a dangerous world devoid of women. Earthlings are smaller and weaker than the violent men of Secren. […]

Join us for Voice Chat, Special Guests

Join us for a voice chat session in the Y Press Games Discord on Wednesday, December 16th, 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern, 1am GMT. Sean Chiplock, voice of Harsi from To Trust an Incubus, Rusty from Morningdew Farms, and Mister Versatile, has confirmed he […]

First at all…

We are doing live voice chat sessions. On 12/07/2020 the voice actors for Harsen, Arata, and Viz-Goth showed up. It’s free to meet your favorite Y Press Games voice actors in live voice chat on the Discord! Alpha Hole Prison on Steam Thanks to all of you, we’ll […]

We Did It! Alpha Hole Prison Funded!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!  Thanks to everyone who pledged on this massive Kickstarter, and thanks to those who couldn’t and cheered us on.  This was the hardest Kickstarter to get funded EVER.  We were very discouraged with the early results and felt we had made something […]

We’ve Hit Stretch Goals!

There’s less than 2 days left for our biggest Kickstarter ever, and we’ve hit some stretch goals!! *Two Love Interests Get it On!*All Characters Versatile! Even Rexillator and Viz-Goth! “What a minute,” you say, how can this be? “That first stretch goal costs $45,000 and we’re only at […]

Kickstarter is Almost Over

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter it’s the last week. Thanks to you all, we managed to reach our goal of $ 40,000! We thought we could fail, because since the beginning, our Kickstarter was having problems. But we achieved a little bit beyond our goal before it was over! We still […]