New development

Y Press Games has taken over the Development of Dear Monster! We’ve partnered with Lovenuts and artist Jouvru to take over the development of Dear Monster! You can know all the news on Discord server, but we’ll update all the important news here, so stay tune!  Jin’s route Jin’s route […]

Almost there!

Sawyer route is almost done! It can be launched by the end of this month, but you can access the other three routes available here! Demetri needs your help to survive in that chaotic world called Secren. Be strong and face the dangers there! Beware of Lascivion! Mister Versatile needs […]

Secren awaits!

The Sawyer route is almost done! Expect this final route of the game, and the gallery, to be added before the end of the month! This means all four sexy routes of Maelstrom will unlocked for everyone! Check it out here! The perfect guy Among all of Haru’s roommates, […]

Secret calls

As soon as he arrives at his new home, Haru appears to have someone who hates him: Shirya, a mysterious guy who receives several secret calls during the night. Is he hiding something? Could his hatred turn into another feeling? Find out more on Steam! Compatible Mates In a world […]

Maelstrom Now Available on Steam And Itch

Based on the Novel series by Yamila Abraham, Maelstrom is about the Earthling Demetri who was exiled to the dangerous planet.  He must find a protection from a strong man to survive. With three initial love interests, and a fourth coming soon you can grab Maelstron on Itch or on Steam. […]

Tricking your heart

Great news! The Jin route of Sentimental Trickster is getting finished ahead of schedule! Now you’ll have the entire game in April! We released the game with only 3 routes done to give the developer time to finish the fourth. She had until 2022 to finish everything…and she’s […]

Finally arrived!

Sentimental Trickster is finally available on Steam. You can make your own choices, but be careful with the consequences! About the game: Haru Amari wasn’t looking for love, just a new beginning far from his past. Instead he finds himself in complicated relationships where he must decide between his needs and those […]

A Super Cute Game Needs Your Help!

Hey everyone, my friend has a really cute Idol Otome game with a failing Kickstarter.  Please check it out and see if you can help!  There’s almost no time left.  We want to see this game get made!  Comedy, hot guys, cute girls, romance, friendship, and idols. What […]

Next week!

Sentimental Trickster, Our newest BL game will launch on March 23 on Steam. You can do your own choices in Haru’s skin, so be prepared and add to your wishlist!  About the game: Haru Amari wasn’t looking for love, just a new beginning far from his past. Instead he finds himself […]