So close!

Sentimental Trickster, Our newest game is coming soon on Steam. Make it part of your wishlist now! About the game: Haru Amari wasn’t looking for love, just a new beginning far from his past. Instead he finds himself in complicated relationships where he must decide between his needs and those of […]

Mister Versatile DLC Coming!

? Great news!  A DLC for Mister Versatile is in the works!  Studio Kosen has just signed on to make a DLC featuring Versivion!  That’s Mister Versatile + Lascivion.   While we don’t have a release date for this additional content, you can get updates on our Discord?, Newsletter?, Facebook?, Instagram?, Twitter?, or Tumblr?!  Make […]

Find your alien protector

Falsely accused of being a spy, Miguel is sentenced to Life at Alpha Hole Prison! The only way he can survive is to find a hot boyfriend to protect him! Maybe you can find some hot scenes there… ?? Don’t forget to add the Alpha Hole Prison on your wishlist!  Super […]

Maelstrom demo

Do you want to go to a world where there are only dangerously seductive men? Then Secren is the perfect place for you!! Maelstrom’s demo will give you a little piece of what happens in Demetri’s skin, a soldier who was exiled to the dangerous desert lands of a totally […]

Saving the city

Since childhood, everyones had the dream of superpowers…now you can have them! Mister Versatile is the typical superhero who looks perfectly sexy in his tight costume.  Become part of his adventures with sexy dudes!  about the game: Mister Versatile is screwed, and not in the good way. Baddies have penetrated his […]

Become a Patron!

Through the Y Press Games Patreon you can save up for some of the great rewards we offer during our crowdfunding! Like right now, you could get early access to our Maelstrom game! Head over to our Patreon and pick a tier to start adding as little as $5 a month to! Demo […]

Maelstrom Flash Indiegogo!

Hey you awesome supporters, we’ve got some huge news!  Another awesome yaoi game is coming from Y Press Games!   Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel Disgraced soldier Demetri is exiled to Secren, a dangerous world devoid of women. Earthlings are smaller and weaker than the violent men of Secren. […]

Sentimental Trickster is a go!

Back in July 2019 Y Press Games agreed to help the embattled developer Lovenuts complete their game Sentimental Trickster. We’re happy to say that last month we got all the materials we need, and we’re working on the game now! Stay tuned for future updates. Meet Jader! Nothing […]

Sentimental Trickster

Hi Everyone! Back in July of 2019 we agreed to help developer Lovenuts complete their game Sentimental Trickster, so they could finally deliver rewards to the backers of their Kickstarter. We now have all the materials we need from Lovenuts to get the game finished! We’re hoping to […]