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Sentimental Trickster is a go!

Back in July 2019 Y Press Games agreed to help the embattled developer Lovenuts complete their game Sentimental Trickster. We’re happy to say that last month we got all the materials we need, and we’re working on the game now! Stay tuned for future updates.

Meet Jader!

Nothing looks like it seems and Jader can give this impression.. You can find out more knowing him on Maelstrom Demo and making this game part of your Wishlist!

About him: Jader isn’t evil, he’s just a victim of the horrible circumstances on his planet. When he injured his leg he couldn’t mine anymore and had to join a biker gang of cannibalistic criminals. He doesn’t like what he’s become, and takes drugs to numb his pain. He’d become clean and walk away from it all for a guy like Demetri.

Remember me

It’s always good to relive old memories, isn’t it? Remember Kenta’s history in To Trust an Incubus  with this old trailer

It seems like it was yesterday that we dreamed of taking Kenta’s place with those sexy demons around…

Hot Superheroes

Nothing better to start a nice week with Mister Versatile adventures! Meet some hot guys and have some fun fighting against evil! Or against your pleasure… (¬‿¬)

Support Patreon

Alpha Hole Prison is coming and you can get future rewards about this game supporting us on Patreon! Any help will be appreciated!  You can get this with $20 a month, but don’t worry, we have rewards about our other games too!

Nice Butts

Art made by: @derlaine

That’s it for the week. I hope you enjoyed! Join our community!

Meet Zheng-Li

The Maelstrom demo is available, and if you haven’t played already just do it! You can explore Demetri adventures in this new world, and know more about Zheng Li, one of the romanceable characters! You can check out here.

About him: Zheng Li is the reason Secren is such a terrible planet. He lives in his lofty fortress above all the suffering. For him, miners are just disposable assets. He thinks it’s fine for the weak ones to die. That just lets stronger miners take their place. Now that he wants Demetri he’ll have to open his eyes to how horrible he let things get.

Don’t forget our Patreon

You can have future rewards about Maelstrom on our Patreon too, helping us just $5 a month! We have more rewards about other games, and you can learn more about clicking here.

Secrets on the bath house

Well, well… Looks like Butch and Rusty are waiting for you on the bath house. Maybe you wanna find out what will happen there? Find out on Morningdew Farms!

Maybe you can discover their secrets.. 👀

Cute freckles

You like cute guys who looks fragile but at the same time is wild?  Jake is the perfect combination for your desires! He has something inside him that is thirsty for pleasure… literally.

You can find out more in Mister Versatile!!

Cure for everything

The perfect combination!

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Happy new year!

Y Press Games wishes you a happy new year! I know that 2020 was a difficult year, but cheers to all of you, and we hope this year will be better! 

But I know one thing: Nothing is more better than start a new year with a wonderful game!! Curious about it? Great! Just click here and save the city!

Meet Helix

Helix is ​​one of the most important characters in Maelstrom and you can learn more by playing the demo available. Go deeper into the universe and get ready for more adventures!

About him: Helix was the only love interest in the original novel series (who was named Maelstrom) and is the ‘cannon’ route here. Helix is the hero you need to survive this horrible planet. How long can you resist this charming mine-lord?

Perv imagination

Percival is inviting you to his incredible fantasies in the world of My Magical Demon Lover. Choose your favorite demon to help you grow the magic within you! You’ll not regret with 3 sexy demons around you!

Future gifts

End of year coming up and nothing better than earning future rewards on our Patreon about our games! You can support us for at least $5 a month! You can find out more here.

Last of the year

Again, happy new year to all of you!

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Maelstrom demo available

We are making available a playable demo of Maelstrom, a game that is in production, based on a novel series that sold more than 38,000 copies, written by Yamila Abraham. You can find the Demo here!

About the Game: Disgraced soldier Demetri is exiled to Secren, a dangerous world devoid of women. Earthlings are smaller and weaker than the violent men of Secren. Demetri’s only hope for survival is to bond with a strong mate who can love and protect him. 

The heterosexual Italian-American refuses to do that. He’s not a homophobe, but he won’t have gay sex to survive–or will he?

Muy caliente here

Meet chihuahua in Mister Versatile adventures! You can have romance with him and more 7 options, with funny and hot moments! You can find more here.

I know that you want to know more about it! Don’t forget to thank me later!

Werewolf in the farm

Remembering an old game is wonderful, isn’t? You can start with Morningdew Farms! 

You must be wondering “why is there a werewolf with Cody?” Well, if you don’t know, you can find out right now! But, if you know, it’s always good to remember!

Patreon rewards

Don’t forget that our Patreon has future rewards for supporters! You can save your money and help us by donating at least $ 5 a month! In the end you will have a nice reward! You can find out more here.

Random moment


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First at all…

We are doing live voice chat sessions. On 12/07/2020 the voice actors for Harsen, Arata, and Viz-Goth showed up. It’s free to meet your favorite Y Press Games voice actors in live voice chat on the Discord!

Alpha Hole Prison on Steam

Thanks to all of you, we’ll make the game come out on Steam! The game will be released on June 2021, but you can actually make this game part of your wishlist! What are you waiting for?

While the game doesn’t launch, you can play a demo available through this link.

Super heroes never die!

Don’t forget that we have to save the city! Be Mister Versatile, a super hero that needs to fight against the evil, but with some super hot guys! You have 6 romance options, and have choices about it. What you will do? Find out here.

Missing my sexy demon

We cannot forget one of the main games at Y Press Games! To Trust an Incubus should be remembered and we have a huge affection for this game.

I hope that like me, you will feel nostalgic!

Patreon rewards

Don’t forget that our Patreon has future rewards for supporters! You can save your money and help us by donating at least $ 5 a month! In the end you will have a nice reward! You can find out more here.

Last but no Least


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We Did It! Alpha Hole Prison Funded!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!  Thanks to everyone who pledged on this massive Kickstarter, and thanks to those who couldn’t and cheered us on. 

This was the hardest Kickstarter to get funded EVER.  We were very discouraged with the early results and felt we had made something that was destined to fail.

Think about it, we weren’t just asking for more money than ever, but we were doing it during the 2nd and worst wave of the pandemic, and ending on Black Friday!

Everything had set us up for failure, but we had no other option if we wanted to get this gigantic game made.  We’d started production in September of 2019 and had no ideas these problems would be waiting for us later on.  We just knew: We have to find a way to finish this!

In the end you awesome fans helped us through as you always do.  And now you have this amazing game coming out next June!  Add it to your Steam wishlist here so you don’t miss it:

New game in early production

We working on our new game called ‘Maelstrom’, based on the best-selling ebook series by Yamila Abraham. It still in early production, but we will update about it on Y Press Games Discord. You can know more join in our community!

We working on our new game called ‘Maelstrom’, based on the best-selling ebook series by Yamila Abraham. It still in early production, but we will update about it on Y Press Games Discord. You can know more join in our community!

Save the city!

Mister Versatile was launched almost 2 months ago! Nothing better than saving the city seeing your adventures more closely! You can follow the story of Mister Versatile here.

Our Patreon

Were you too broke to back the Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter and wish you could make payments towards the rewards you want?  That’s what our Patreon is for!  Save up with as little as $5 a month so that you’ll have a pile of money ready to back our next Kickstarter! Find out more here.

Back to the beginning

I hope that you didn’t forget of the Tristan’s story with hot demons around him and one goal: Be a Wizard. You can revive his story with your choices, with 3 romance options on My magical demon lover! 

Yaoi Spirit

*Nosebleed intensifies*

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Kickstarter is Almost Over

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter it’s the last week. Thanks to you all, we managed to reach our goal of $ 40,000! We thought we could fail, because since the beginning, our Kickstarter was having problems. But we achieved a little bit beyond our goal before it was over! We still have a week left, so if you can contribute by supporting us on Kickstarter, we’d appreciate it!

We can do it!

We have some Stretch goals that we can reach until your last day, so you may have more options than the initial proposals! You can learn more by visiting our Kickstarter! 

Other Games

While Alpha Hole Prison is in its production stage … You can check out our other games! Mister Versatile is the latest game released, where you face evil with hot guys!

The game is hilarious, has intriguing characters and also the most important …. Hot scenes! Surely you will not miss this opportunity!

That’s it for this week, guys! I hope you can support us as well! 

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Mister Versatile on Steam

Finally the day has come! Mister Versatile is a gay superhero novel that will bring the life of a lonely wolf hero, who doesn’t need help, but have 5 hot guys to dispute your attention! The game have multiples finals, and heartbreaking romances ❤ This game is really funny and i hope you can love it all! 

We had some problems to launch the game on release date (Damnit Steam), but we went over the situation! Mister Versatile is available now!

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter

Alpha Hole prison Kickstarter has launched last week and we are almost reaching $20,000, but we need your help to reach the goal of $40.000! We’re really working hard on this game, and it is one of the biggest games at Y Press Games, so your help would make a big difference!

While you still with us, you can get to know better who is part of this universe of Alpha Hole Prison!

Meet the Characters

Miguel is the protagonist of Alpha Hole Prison! He was unjustly arrested for a crime he did not commit, and he is going to the most dangerous prison in that space. For him to survive, he needs protection from someone in that dangerous prison!

Rim-Timber is the Miguel’s Cellmate. He looks cute, fragile and docile but maybe nothing looks what it is… 👀 
Maximus is a famous drug dealer in that prison. He looks really serious and Tough, but just want to share his life with someone.
Rexillator is a powerful immortal god who can sense you from miles away. Nobody wants to mess with him (much less you). He’s Maximus Body guard, and have a big rivalty with Viz-Goth.
Xenoskar is a creepy…REALLY CREEPY guy who just needs to touch someone. Maybe that’s not a good idea… or Maybe is?
Viz-Goth is a psychopath who likes to torture people, and the most dangerous alien in that prison. He hates Rexillator, and have a Slave to fuck around, Literally.
Reaver is Viz-Goth’s slave, but don’t be fooled. Smart and sexy, but imprisoned… 
Verataz is a guard in Alpha Hole Prison and can do what he wants there. He likes to flirt and needs someone to love.
Harsen is the one who can take your case, but you have no money. Maybe he wants something… more?

That’s it for this week!! If you want to follow us more closely, you can join us on Discord:

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter!

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter is finally OPEN!! You can support us HERE. Help us reach the goal of 40,000 US$! We really need your help with the goal!

Earthling Miguel Santos has been sentenced to life at Alpha Hole, a notorious space prison. His survival depends on using his charms to convince a powerful ally to protect him. By the same creative team who brought you To Trust an Incubus! A Dynamic 300,000 Word Character-Driven Dating Sim 6 Super-Sexy Adults-Only Routes Animated Love Scenes! Threesome Options in Every Route! 60+ Endings, Including Demo Endings 300+ Gorgeous CGs An Intricate ‘All Choices Matter’ Flag System Partial Voice Acting Guaranteed – Full Voice Acting Stretch Goal 24 Exclusive Music Tracks A Way to Get a Happy Ending in Every Route!

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Almost There

Mister Versatile is only a week away! out on Steam and Itch on October 15th! I’m really excited to see how this game will be received by you guys!

I hope you excited as well like me!


We launched this sexy mousepad on our Patreon! Its so gorgeous, right? save your money to support us there and find some sexy stuffs there!

Save $5 a month and you’ll have a stash of money ready to go when we do our NEXT crowdfunding. This will be for our upcoming yaoi game, Maelstrom. Stay tuned for more information!

A Great Farmer

Let’s remember an old game, which has your great charm. We’re talking about  Morningdew Farms!

Geez, Rusty is so hot and mysterious! if i were Cody and saw him in my bed, i would jump on him…*Cof 😏

I hope I’m not the only one…

Spooky Mood

we are all in the mood for halloween!! 

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