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Happy 2022 to all!!

Y Press Games wish you all a happy new year! I know we’ve all gone through a difficult time these past 2 years (Damnit Covid), but we’ll all be able to get over it and hope that the next year will be different!

2022 wait for me…!¬†ūüėé

Dear Monster on Patreon!

We have new rewards in Patreon! Even though Dear Monster is months away from releasing its Kickstarter, your help on Patreon now could make a big difference in the future!

Come on, imagine getting a comfortable New Year’s gift like that sexy mousepad, huh?¬†Join us!

Choose and hunt…

Join our interactive post on social media on Thursday! Who would you choose to join your group in that dangerous prison? Maybe it’s a complicated choice, but nothing you can’t choose. But choose well, or you could suffer in Alpha Hole Prison.

Haven’t played yet and can’t decide who to choose? Enjoy and learn more about the game¬†here!

Living or surviving?

Imagine you are thrown on an unknown planet and the only thing you have is a box who strangely speaks… What would you do? Decide your course with Demetri in Maelstrom!

Falling in love with danger can also be an option… ūü§ę¬†

Celebrate a new year with us on Discord!

Request to dear Santa

Every year we ask the old bearded that grants our deepest desires. We can’t get in touch with our dear Santa, but he has a substitute that can help you very well with your¬†desires, if you know what I mean.ūüėŹ

Visit our unique and exclusive Capitain Christmas here!

Also, as our Christmas gift we would like you to be a part of our Patreon! There you can support us in our future games and in return you will receive future rewards! You can find out more in the level descriptions. Become a Patron!

Vampire attack at Christmas

Thalos is losing his head! You need to join Dusty this Christmas to stop him that something worse happens! But who knows what can come from this approach … Love, maybe?¬†Find out for yourself!

Orgy in the Lab

How about spending Christmas in quarantine in a laboratory full of demons? It would be a very peculiar experiment but it would definitely be worth it. You only live once, right? Visit the Laboratory!

Anime: Lucky Star

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Dear Monster Demo Available!

Our new game, Dear Monster, is available for wishlist on Steam! And while this sexy game is not out, you can enjoy the demo available on and Steam!!

Also, our¬†Dear Monster Kickstarter¬†will be available for support in April 2022, so click “Remind me” to let you know when the campaign is active. ūüėȬ†

Help Captain Crush!

Our beloved Captain Christmas- I mean, Captain Crush needs your help! He doesn’t look good at all, but something should help him get better at Mister Versatile’s hideout.

He may not hold for a long time, so Hurry up!

Dig up the treasure

They say that in a world like Secren, there’s nothing but chaos. But can Demetri discover something completely different beneath all that dust? Perhaps there is something more precious than being able to survive in that place.¬†Find out on his journey!

Support us!

Support us on¬†Patreon!¬†Our new Kickstarter is almost in sight, but it still helps with becoming a Patron. Don’t miss out on receiving physical and digital rewards from our games!

Demons everywhere!

Would you risk living in quarantine with several seduction demons? Maybe it sounds risky but what would you do in this situation? They sure aren’t chatty, but who knows what might happen?¬†Travel to the lab and find out!

Source: Yaoist

For Your Consideration

We would be honored if you considered nominating Alpha Hole Prison for the Steam Award: ‘Outstanding Story Rich Game.’ You can do so¬†here.

Vampire Slave

Take the opportunity to experience the full story of Vampire Slave on Steam! You can try some of the first chapter completely for free and find the other 4 here!

Explore the romance plot between a hunter Dusty and Thalos, the vampire!! ūü¶á

Support us!

How about making the difference in our¬†Patreon?¬†Support our next game, Dear Monster, right now by becoming a Patron! Also, future rewards are waiting for you.¬†ūüėČ

New sidekick

Living fighting evil in the city as a lone wolf is tricky, but Chihuahua volunteered to help his favorite hero. Your new helper has loads of talents if¬†you know what I mean, so explore further by visiting¬†Mister Versatile’s secret lair!

Source: Yaoist

Fresh Start

Imagine living in a shared house around several attractive guys… Haru lives this routine every day when he decided it that would be a good time to get a fresh start. Get to know a little more about your housemates¬†here!¬†Who knows, maybe even have some romance…¬†ūüĎÄ

Power or love?

If you want to become a great wizard, a mentor is essential. But to have a demon mentor, would you give your love in exchange for power? Tristan needs help with this important decision of his life. Visit him right now! 

Help on Patreon!

New rewards in Patreon!¬†Dear Monster is close to its crowdfunding, but Patreon is also a good start for its support! Besides, who doesn’t like rewards, right?¬†Become a Patron!¬†

Source: Yaoist

New DLC available now!

Our first paid DLC is now available featuring Alpha Hole Prison’s favorite inmates: Viz-Goth and Reaver! (Don’t worry, Xenoskar’s there too!)

Viz-Goth and Reaver have unfinished business. When Miguel is released, leaving his lover Viz-Goth behind, he asks Reaver to watch over him. Reaver wants nothing to do with his former tormenter, but if it wasn’t for Miguel, Viz-Goth still wouldn’t have a conscience. Reaver grudgingly agrees.

After the decades of torture Viz-Goth inflicted on Reaver, he has no right to ask for forgiveness. The love Viz-Goth feels for Reaver torments him, especially since he knows it will never be returned.

Or could it?

This DLC wraps up the unfinished business between Viz-Goth and Reaver after Miguel’s release in the Viz-Goth route of the main game. Can Viz-Goth and Reaver ever reconcile? What would it take for forgiveness and even love to develop between them? Or, perhaps Viz-Goth is better off staying with the friend whom he never hurt: Xenoskar.

Focus on life in Alpha Hole after Miguel’s release. There’s unfinished business resolved between Viz-Goth and Reaver, Rexillator and Reaver, Rexillator and Viz-Goth, Viz-Goth and Xenoskar, Rin-Timber and his Goddess, and Reaver and Deloment. Your choices will decide the fate of our protagonists.

As Long as a Typical Route in Alpha Hole Prison

Nine Possible Endings 11 New CGs

Several Animated Three

New Characters Introduced

Five New Songs Several

New Sprites of the Main Characters Several

New Backgrounds of the Prison.

It’s available on¬†Steam¬†and¬†

Protect yourself

Demetri finds himself at a dead end when he realizes he needs to find someone to protect him on that dangerous planet called Secren. Is there anyone compatible with him in all the chaos? Find out here!

Support us!

Don’t forget to check out our Patreon! Our next crowdfunding, Dear Monster, is approaching and you can start helping us by becoming a Patron. Find out more about future rewards¬†here!

Demons ahead!

Being in quarantine surrounded by sexy demons is no easy feat, but you sure have a favorite who can’t resist the temptation. Visit him with Kenta¬†here¬†and enjoy all his powers of seduction!

Join our server here and share memes with us! 

Unfinished Business

The new Alpha Hole Prison DLC is coming! You can add this additional content right now to your wish list as you prepare to find out what Viz-Goth and Reaver are up to. Visit Steam!

Don’t have the base game? No problem! Click¬†here¬†and enjoy, but beware of the dangers of that prison!

Finally complete!

All Vampire Slave chapters have finally arrived on Steam! Chapter 1 is still free to enjoy all the forbidden romance between a hunter and a vampire, and the other 3 are available for purchase. Don’t waste time with anything else and¬†play right now!¬†

Dear Monster on Patreon!

Dear Monster’s Kickstarter hasn’t released yet, but it’s already active for support on Patreon! In addition to supporting us for our future game, you will also earn future physical and digital rewards!¬†Visit our Patreon¬†to learn more.

Love on the farm

I’m sure living on a farm alone isn’t the best option when you have lots of hot neighbors. Help Cody manage his farm and find someone to share his quiet life!¬†Find the best option for Cody.¬†

credits: Gabunot

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New Kickstarter is coming!

Our new Kickstarter will be from Dear Monster! It’s not available for support yet, but you can start helping through¬†Patreon!¬†Also, it will help a lot if you click on ‘Remind me’ to let you know when the¬†Kickstarter¬†will be available. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this amazing future game!

Find your protector!

If you are in a dangerous place, you definitely have to make a decision to stay safe. Miguel needs to find someone to protect him in Alpha Hole Prison and you can decide who is best suited for that! Travel to the prison. 

All you need is love

Even in a chaotic world like Secren, there is the possibility that real romance can blossom. Demetri decides he’s going to fall in love with someone, but he can’t find out who is really compatible with him.¬†Help him!

Join our server and chat with us!

First of All…Thanks!!

Thanks to everyone who supported Hardcore Cruising on Kickstarter! We thought we were going to fail, but we managed to turn the game around in the last few hours. The release is planned for 2022, so don’t forget¬†to put it on your wishlist¬†right now! And also board the free demo available!

Happy Halloween!!

Mister Versatile is bringing a Halloween themed event! It will be available for free to those who already own the game, but if you don’t have it, hurry! This event will only take place between the 28th of October and the 1st of November.¬†Get the game¬†right now!

See all characters with customized clothes, take terrifying scares and discover all the easter eggs scattered throughout the event! What’s more, there will be an scary sale for those who don’t have the game yet. ūüĎĽūüĎĽ

Our Lab Needs Help!

We are hiring brave people for the work of dealing with demons. The problem is that they have a great power of seduction… Can you handle it? Volunteer¬†here!

Become a Patron!

Earn future rewards on Patreon! Our sexy games need support and for sure we have the best rewards in the end! Ever thought about gaining something about your favorite character? Don’t waste time and¬†become a Patron!

We need your support!!

Hardcore Cruising, our new game is sorely in need of help!! We have less than 5 days to run out of time on Kickstarter and we’re still needing $7,000 to hit the goal. Support us on¬†Kickstarter¬†so we can’t fail!

We don’t want this sexy game to end up being cancelled, so please share it with anyone who is interested in the project. You can also try out some of the game on the demo available on¬†Steam¬†and¬†!

Hardcore Cruising is a dating simulator full of funny (and spicy) scenes with polyamorous or monogamous romances. It also has animated scenes to enjoy the best possible experience with your love interest! What are you waiting for? Support us and help HMS Size Queen set sail!