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Kickstarter is Almost Over

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter it’s the last week. Thanks to you all, we managed to reach our goal of $ 40,000! We thought we could fail, because since the beginning, our Kickstarter was having problems. But we achieved a little bit beyond our goal before it was over! We still have a week left, so if you can contribute by supporting us on Kickstarter, we’d appreciate it!

We can do it!

We have some Stretch goals that we can reach until your last day, so you may have more options than the initial proposals! You can learn more by visiting our Kickstarter! 

Other Games

While Alpha Hole Prison is in its production stage … You can check out our other games! Mister Versatile is the latest game released, where you face evil with hot guys!

The game is hilarious, has intriguing characters and also the most important …. Hot scenes! Surely you will not miss this opportunity!

That’s it for this week, guys! I hope you can support us as well! 

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Mister Versatile on Steam

Finally the day has come! Mister Versatile is a gay superhero novel that will bring the life of a lonely wolf hero, who doesn’t need help, but have 5 hot guys to dispute your attention! The game have multiples finals, and heartbreaking romances ❤ This game is really funny and i hope you can love it all! 

We had some problems to launch the game on release date (Damnit Steam), but we went over the situation! Mister Versatile is available now!

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter

Alpha Hole prison Kickstarter has launched last week and we are almost reaching $20,000, but we need your help to reach the goal of $40.000! We’re really working hard on this game, and it is one of the biggest games at Y Press Games, so your help would make a big difference!

While you still with us, you can get to know better who is part of this universe of Alpha Hole Prison!

Meet the Characters

Miguel is the protagonist of Alpha Hole Prison! He was unjustly arrested for a crime he did not commit, and he is going to the most dangerous prison in that space. For him to survive, he needs protection from someone in that dangerous prison!

Rim-Timber is the Miguel’s Cellmate. He looks cute, fragile and docile but maybe nothing looks what it is… 👀 
Maximus is a famous drug dealer in that prison. He looks really serious and Tough, but just want to share his life with someone.
Rexillator is a powerful immortal god who can sense you from miles away. Nobody wants to mess with him (much less you). He’s Maximus Body guard, and have a big rivalty with Viz-Goth.
Xenoskar is a creepy…REALLY CREEPY guy who just needs to touch someone. Maybe that’s not a good idea… or Maybe is?
Viz-Goth is a psychopath who likes to torture people, and the most dangerous alien in that prison. He hates Rexillator, and have a Slave to fuck around, Literally.
Reaver is Viz-Goth’s slave, but don’t be fooled. Smart and sexy, but imprisoned… 
Verataz is a guard in Alpha Hole Prison and can do what he wants there. He likes to flirt and needs someone to love.
Harsen is the one who can take your case, but you have no money. Maybe he wants something… more?

That’s it for this week!! If you want to follow us more closely, you can join us on Discord:

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter!

Alpha Hole Prison Kickstarter is finally OPEN!! You can support us HERE. Help us reach the goal of 40,000 US$! We really need your help with the goal!

Earthling Miguel Santos has been sentenced to life at Alpha Hole, a notorious space prison. His survival depends on using his charms to convince a powerful ally to protect him. By the same creative team who brought you To Trust an Incubus! A Dynamic 300,000 Word Character-Driven Dating Sim 6 Super-Sexy Adults-Only Routes Animated Love Scenes! Threesome Options in Every Route! 60+ Endings, Including Demo Endings 300+ Gorgeous CGs An Intricate ‘All Choices Matter’ Flag System Partial Voice Acting Guaranteed – Full Voice Acting Stretch Goal 24 Exclusive Music Tracks A Way to Get a Happy Ending in Every Route!

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Almost There

Mister Versatile is only a week away! out on Steam and Itch on October 15th! I’m really excited to see how this game will be received by you guys!

I hope you excited as well like me!


We launched this sexy mousepad on our Patreon! Its so gorgeous, right? save your money to support us there and find some sexy stuffs there!

Save $5 a month and you’ll have a stash of money ready to go when we do our NEXT crowdfunding. This will be for our upcoming yaoi game, Maelstrom. Stay tuned for more information!

A Great Farmer

Let’s remember an old game, which has your great charm. We’re talking about  Morningdew Farms!

Geez, Rusty is so hot and mysterious! if i were Cody and saw him in my bed, i would jump on him…*Cof 😏

I hope I’m not the only one…

Spooky Mood

we are all in the mood for halloween!! 

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