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Get Ready!

We’re just one week away from the release of the new Mister Versatile DLC! Versivion releases March 2nd, so get ready for what’s to come as you replay our beloved lone wolf hero.

Visit our Steam page to play the Mister Versatile and add Versivion to your wishlist!

Danger lover

On a hostile planet like Secren, anyone can be your enemy and Demetri knows that very well. But sometimes the one we think is our enemy can surprise us in many ways. Find out more in your journey on Maelstrom!

Save your money!

Do you want to take advantage of our future games but want to save money? Not a problem on our Patreon! We have several levels to fulfill your tastes, so become a Patron right now!

My beloved enemy

Shinya hates Haru and it seems like it was hate at first sight. But something changed during those conflicts and made him change his mind. What did Haru do to make this happen? Maybe you’ll get the answers in the shared house! 

Favorite demons ❣

Choosing a seductive demon to “torment” you is a difficult task when everyone is sexy, but make the sacrifice and let me know on our social media!

You can also try quarantine in the lab with them, but beware of their seduction powers… Visit their Steam page! 

Talk to us on Discord! We don’t bite 😉

Almost there!

Mister Versatile DLC Versivion: Let There be Smut is closer than you think! It will arrive on March 2, ready to be added to your wishlist!

Mister Versatile must work with Inspector Jeong to find out who’s behind the murders, but it’s hard to investigate when your symbiote is looking to bang every person you cross, be it Captain Crush, Driller, Chihuahua or the hot butt of the inspector. Versivion, Let There Be Smut is an erotic mystery that will keep players guessing until the very end. 

Visit the Steam page to learn more! 

Cute surprise!

Looks like that’s the secret they’re looking at. Who doesn’t like a cute animal, right? You will surely enjoy wonderful scenes with Verataz and Miguel or other characters exploring the most dangerous prison in the galaxy! 

See the full game of Alpha Hole Prison and all available DLCs here!

Support us!

Help us with our next Kickstarter by Patreon! On our Patreon, you can make monthly payments to save up for big Kickstarter rewards, so don’t waste time around and join us!

Sweet risks!

What risks can a forbidden love offer? Thalos and Dusty might find out the hard way, and so will you! Join this unlikely love story between a hunter and his prey on Steam!

Deepest desires 🤫

What requests would you make if you were on board? Fulfill your biggest dreams on the HMS Size Queen by playing the demo available and don’t forget to add on your wishlist!

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Cheap and sexy!

Hey you! Interested in new yaoi games and earning sexy rewards? Follow us on Patreon! It’s cheap and will even help you save up for upcoming Kickstarter rewards. join us!

Canon or headcanon?

Secren is a dangerous world even for its inhabitants, and Demetri finds out about it the hard way. But even in that place, he could fall in love with someone – where you decide who it will be! We always have our favorite characters to romance, so find out who will be the canon on your journey!

Haven’t played yet? No problem! Meet all the characters here.

I’m not a child!

Haru is having a hard time convincing an older man like Soichiro that he’s grown up enough. Will he be able to make him look different? Help him by visiting the shared house!

What Happened?

Harsi looks startled by something he saw on the computer and we have no idea what it is. Does he need some help calming down? Visit his cell! But beware of his powers of seduction.


New lunar year Sale

All our games are on sale thanks to the Lunar New Year! The Year of the Tiger is being celebrated on Steam until February 3rd, so hurry up and go shopping!

See all our games on sale by clicking here.

Save up your money!

Want to save up toward a reward on our next Kickstarter? Become a Patron right now! Plus, who doesn’t want sexy rewards?Discover all the levels and the various rewards by visiting our Patreon.

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Versivion: Let There be Smut

A Mister Versatile DLC coming in May! When Mister Versatile merged with the alien symbiote Lascivion a new being was born: Versivion!

Now the eternal loner Mister Versatile must learn to share his everything with the omnipresent alien. They have their ups, their downs, and their tentacle sex, but one thing that’s never lacking is trust. Until…

A new murderer is on the loose, and he’s killing people the exact same way Versivion might if he over-sexed them. And they tend to happen on nights when Mister Versatile is too tired to satisfy his sexually ravenous symbiote…

With sexy cameos by Captain Crush, Driller, and Chihuahua, Versivion is an erotic mystery that will keep players guessing until the very end!

New Prisoner

Imagine someone like you being trapped in the most dangerous prison in the galaxy and having to protect yourself from everything and everyone… What would you do for your survival?

Do you think he would last alone in that scary prison or would he have to surrender to becoming someone’s boyfriend in exchange for protection? Find out more at Alpha Hole Prison!

Come To Us!

Is your room in need of decorations from your favorite characters? No problem, our Patreon is here to help you! Get incredibly sexy rewards just by becoming a Patron right now!

Attractive Neighborhood

Have you ever thought about relaxing a little on the farm, far away from urban life? Get to know the neighborhood around you, explore the forest and discover what’s hiding there… Maybe you’ll find hot guys along the way. 😏 Explore the neighborhood!

Source: Yaoi memes 2.0

How about we chat on our server? Join us!

Dear Monster Demo

Take the opportunity to play the Dear Monster demo available on and Steam!! You can enjoy what’s to come with animated sprites and sexy CGs!

Also, our Dear Monster Kickstarter will be available for support in April of this year, so click “Remind Me” to let you know when the campaign starts. 😎 

Friend or Enemy?

Living in constant danger on a chaotic planet must be horrible, but not when you have allies on your side! Look for the perfect person to help you survive in Secren, and who knows what might come of it… Love, maybe? Find out here! 

Patreon support!

2022 is a big year for us, and with your support it will be even better! We will have several releases this year and joining our Patreon will make a huge difference, so become a Patron!

Tempting Seduction

Sometimes you have to surrender to temptations, especially when an incubi is involved. Would you make it? Or would he follow the rule of never trusting a demon? Find out in the lab!

Source: Yaoi memes 2.0

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Embrace your reward!

Have you ever thought about sleeping cuddled up with your favorite character? Our Patreon has the solution: Pillowcases! Embrace your favorite characters by earning future rewards on our Patreon! To learn more, visit our Page.

Perfect Lover

Would you like to live a perfect romance just like a manga? Kanae is the man for you! But maybe he’s not as perfect as he seems… Find out more about him in the shared house!

Fun on the Cruise!

Ever felt the urge to relax on a cruise? This is your opportunity! The HMS Size Queen cruise is on board with a demo available on Steam! It’s a little away for the cruise to set sail, so put it on your wishlist right now!

For a better experience on the HMS Size Queen service, click here.

Help Against Crime

As a lone wolf, Mister Versatile would never like the idea of a sidekick, until Chihuahua came along… Should someone like him have a chance as his sidekick or would he just get in the way?

Chihuahua has other talents besides fighting evil in the city. 😏 Decide the fate here!

Source: Sarah Andersen 

Welcome to your wishlist!

Dear Monster, one of Y Press Games’ upcoming releases, is now available for wishlist! Putting it on your wish list shows how much you’re looking forward to this game, so the more the better!

On top of that, you can enjoy the available demo and find some spicy scenes 🤭. Visit the Dear Monster page on Steam here.

Also, our Patreon already offers future rewards from Dear Monster and other games released to those who support our Patreon! You can get mousepads like these and various other items by becoming a Patron. Become now!

Unfinished Business

Ever wonder what happens at the end of Alpha Hole Prison? Alpha Hole Prison: Unfinished Business shows what happens after Miguel is released, leaving Viz-Goth and Reaver with an issue to resolve between them. Play right now!

Don’t have the base game? Click here.

Forbbiden romances

What could happen between an extremely powerful elder vampire and an apprentice to a family of vampire hunters? Falling in love, of course! Follow the plot of Dusty and Thalos in 5 episodes as they discover feelings they never imagined would grow on Steam!

Source: Kon Keiku

Happy 2022 to all!!

Y Press Games wish you all a happy new year! I know we’ve all gone through a difficult time these past 2 years (Damnit Covid), but we’ll all be able to get over it and hope that the next year will be different!

2022 wait for me…! 😎

Dear Monster on Patreon!

We have new rewards in Patreon! Even though Dear Monster is months away from releasing its Kickstarter, your help on Patreon now could make a big difference in the future!

Come on, imagine getting a comfortable New Year’s gift like that sexy mousepad, huh? Join us!

Choose and hunt…

Join our interactive post on social media on Thursday! Who would you choose to join your group in that dangerous prison? Maybe it’s a complicated choice, but nothing you can’t choose. But choose well, or you could suffer in Alpha Hole Prison.

Haven’t played yet and can’t decide who to choose? Enjoy and learn more about the game here!

Living or surviving?

Imagine you are thrown on an unknown planet and the only thing you have is a box who strangely speaks… What would you do? Decide your course with Demetri in Maelstrom!

Falling in love with danger can also be an option… 🤫 

Celebrate a new year with us on Discord!

Request to dear Santa

Every year we ask the old bearded that grants our deepest desires. We can’t get in touch with our dear Santa, but he has a substitute that can help you very well with your desires, if you know what I mean.😏

Visit our unique and exclusive Capitain Christmas here!

Also, as our Christmas gift we would like you to be a part of our Patreon! There you can support us in our future games and in return you will receive future rewards! You can find out more in the level descriptions. Become a Patron!

Vampire attack at Christmas

Thalos is losing his head! You need to join Dusty this Christmas to stop him that something worse happens! But who knows what can come from this approach … Love, maybe? Find out for yourself!

Orgy in the Lab

How about spending Christmas in quarantine in a laboratory full of demons? It would be a very peculiar experiment but it would definitely be worth it. You only live once, right? Visit the Laboratory!

Anime: Lucky Star

Celebrate Christmas with us on Discord!

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